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10 Things to Know Before Buying a Ferret

Thinking about buying a ferret? Here are 10 facts about ferrets that you should know before bringing your new furry friend home.

It is absolutely necessary to ferret-proof your home. Do not give your ferret the run of the house. Keep him in his cage or in one ferret-proofed room where he will be safe without supervision. If you give him more space, crawl around your house and check for any cracks larger than a square inch, then seal them. Ferrets are also good jumpers and climbers, so make sure that fragile items are out of reach. They also enjoy digging in carpets and soil. Protect your floors and keep ferrets away from plants to avoid a mess.

Like skunks, ferrets have scent glands that release very strong odors when they are stressed, amorous or frightened. Even surgically de-scenting a ferret, or removing these scent glands, will not get rid of the day-to-day scent that is normally released through the skin.

Also be sure to handle several ferrets before deciding to buy one to determine whether you are allergic to them. An allergy to cats or dogs does not determine an allergic reaction to ferrets.