Breeding Your Rabbit

People like to say, "They multiply like rabbits," to describe a fertile couple. Are rabbits really that fertile? Yes and no. In some cases, without your planning, they multiply so fast that things can get out of control. In other cases, rabbits don't multiply even when the breeder tries very hard to get them to produce babies.

The chance of things getting out of control when you breed rabbits is very real. To be a successful and ethical breeder, you should first learn how not to let things get out of hand. Remember, rabbits can have up to nine babies every SINGLE month, and the female can get pregnant within 24 hours of giving birth.

Here are Some Suggestions:

With this in mind, if you are still interested in breeding rabbits, here is the proper way to do it:

Bunnies raised inside the house with people are used to human noise and scent; they will be extra calm and tame this way. The secret to having healthy rabbits is keeping the rabbit cages and area very clean and well ventilated. Their food should be changed daily, and they should have unlimited access to fresh hay. Resting boards/areas should be provided to help prevent sore hocks.