Holiday Shopping For Your Ferret

Holiday Shopping For Your Ferret

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If someone on your holiday shopping list is long, furry and musky, finding just the right gift may present a problem. After all, how many sleep sacks or toy balls does one ferret really need?

Fortunately, a little ferret elf has been whispering some advice in Santa’s ear this year. Here’s a guide to some not-so-average ferret-pleasing gift ideas. Many may be found in pet stores and ferret shelters throughout the land – but since you’re obviously an Internet user, all the items we’ve chosen can easily be ordered online this shopping season.

  • Cheweasels. Ferrets have been happily gnawing on these gummy-like products since they were introduced by Hyper-Fur Ferrets’ Products in 1995. They’re especially appropriate for the teething kit on your shopping list, but ferrets of all ages go crazy for these things. They’re safe, edible and a great way for a ferret to pass the time of day. They come in two colors, red and yellow. Cost is $4.95 for a three-pack or $16.50 for a package of 12. Cheweasels are available online at a number of Web sites (search for “cheweasel”) or visit the Hyper-Fur Web site at
  • Ferret Fun Tube. If you can’t coax your ferret out of your dryer vent, you know he’ll love these 20-foot-long stretchy vinyl tubes. They’re clear, so humans on the outside can get a peak at the ferret fun going on inside, even if we can’t fit in there ourselves. The tubes are made by the folks at Last Chance Ferret Rescue in Southampton, Pa., and proceeds help the rescued ferrets there. Cost is $ 15.00 per tube, plus $4.50 shipping, each additional tube is $12.00, plus $ 2.00 for shipping. To order, visit and click on the “Ferret Fun Tube” option.
  • The Wit and Wisdom of the Modern Ferrets: A Ferret’s Perspective on Ferret Care. Written by the ferret columnists at Modern Ferret Magazine with an assist from Mary R. Schefferman, this book offers a ferret-eye view of such topics as litter box training, nip training, safe toys, ferret-proofing and other topics deeply interesting to our furry little friends. The cost is $12.95, and shipping is free within the United States. It’s available at the Modern Ferret Magazine online store at
  • Ferret Curiosity Carpet. Here’s what to give ferrets who’ve been REALLY good this year. At $59.95, the Curiosity Carpet is not inexpensive, but it WILL give your ferret hours upon hours of playtime. It’s a rug that has a dozen or more pockets in which ferrets may slither. Inside some of the pockets your ferret will find small balls and other toys. The carpet – and other amusing ferret supplies – are available from For Ferrets Only at, in the “accessories” section. For Ferrets Only is run by South Florida Ferret Shelter founder Angela Espinet, and she has used her 20 years of working with ferrets to design foolproof ferret products.
  • Super Pet Giant Roll-A-Nest. This neat roll is designed to fulfill your furry friend’s natural nesting instincts and provide a feeling of warmth, security and comfort. Sells for $9.95 from
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