How to Administer Liquid Medication to Your Ferret

Giving a pet prescribed medication can be a scary, even bewildering prospect. You can't explain why the medicine is important; all your ferret knows is that you're trying to make him swallow something he doesn't like.

Medications, in pill or liquid form, are often prescribed, with very careful instructions on how to administer them. Liquid is more common because it is easier to get your ferret to swallow them, compared to pills.

Most liquid medications come with an eyedropper attached to the lid. If the medication does not come with an eyedropper, using an individually purchased eyedropper or oral syringe will also work.

As a reminder:

1 ml = 1 cc
5 cc = 1 teaspoon
15 cc = 1 tablespoon

After giving medication, always remember to praise your pet and maybe offer a treat after receiving medication, such as NutricalĀ® or FerretoneĀ®. This will help make future medicine times easier.