How to Medicate Your Mouse

How to Medicate Your Mouse

Mice may be tiny, but they can be a handful when it is time to give them medicine. They don't care to be restrained and the medicine must be given quickly to diminish stress. Below are techniques for giving liquid and tablet medications.

Liquid Medication

  • Draw up the prescribed amount of medication in a syringe or eyedropper.
  • Hold the head and neck of the mouse with one hand.
  • With the other hand, insert the tip of the syringe or eyedropper just behind the front teeth. The mouse will usually open his/her mouth trying to remove the syringe.
  • While the mouse is chewing at the syringe or eyedropper, slowly administer the medication.

    Tablet Medication

    If the medication comes in tablet form, crushing the medicine works best. Pill crushers are available at your local pharmacy.

  • Crush the medication using a pill crusher or other method.
  • Once the medication is in powder form, mix the medicine with a small amount of flavored Sustacal or Ensure. About 1/16 teaspoon (0.25 ml) of flavored diet supplement should be enough.
  • After mixing the powdered medication with the supplement, follow the instructions for administering liquid form medication.

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