Selecting the Best Ferret Bed

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to curl up in your favorite nap spot or crawl into your bed at night for some rest? It's great to have your own spot where you feel safe and private while you doze. Your ferret appreciates having a private space too, and a special bed can provide a snug little spot for your pet to rest while she dreams of more ways to entertain you! A visit to your local pet store offers a variety of choices.


Ferrets love to be securely suspended in the air, and a hammock will be much appreciated. Some are made to attach to the wall, roof of the ferret's cage or even the ceiling. Most are lined by fleece and come in several colors. Put one up for your little friend and watch him sleep and play in his new penthouse.

Suspended Beds

In addition to hammocks, there are other types of beds that can be attached to the wall, ceiling or roof of the cage. If a hammock makes your ferret feel too exposed, consider a tunnel, cube, tent or even hanging sleeping sack. These beds provide the feeling of floating on air with the added comfort of a nice dark secure place. If you have more than one ferret, all can join together and sleep in one of these lofty places.

Soft Beds

For the ferret that enjoys a firm base, there are many different beds available to place on the floor. A standard round bed is made of foam rubber covered with cotton material or even fleece or fleece cotton. Look for one with a zippered cover so you can remove and wash the cover. Check the depth of the padding to make sure it is adequate to keep your furry friend comfortable.


Some ferrets like the simple life and can think of no place better than to curl up on a favorite blanket, floor mat or even a sleeping bag. These simple beds are easy to clean and can be placed anywhere.