Tips on Keeping Your Ferret Safe

Their curious nature often get ferrets into a lot of trouble. All homes should be "ferret-proofed." To make your ferrets home safe, remove all objects that might become chew-toys for the ferret such as small toys, shoes, wires and household items. Ferrets have the tendency to chew on or swallow things that can become lodged in their intestinal tract. Household items such as marbles, coins, string or ribbon, pieces of fabric or toys are common "foreign bodies".

Monitor your ferret's bowel movements periodically, and then daily if the ferret is suspected of eating something foreign. Pieces of objects can sometimes be identified within the stool. Use a hairball laxative preparation two to three times weekly and daily during peak shedding periods. Any vomiting seen in the ferret is significant, even if it only happens once or twice.

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