Two Holland Lop bunnies, one of which is dressed for Halloween.

20 Ear-resistible Instagram Bunnies

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite bunny accounts on Instagram.

Keep scrolling for some precious profiles!

Miffy is a tiny world traveler and trendsetter, living his best life in NYC. Follow along to see all of his adventures!


Everybunny loves Bao! Follow this Holland Lop as he explores Toronto.


Coffee outings with a lovable Lop! Need we say more?


These 3 rescue house bunnies are endless entertainment!


Cinnabun provides the most adorable bunny lifestyle content. She even has her own YouTube channel. Tune in every Sunday to learn more about bunny care and bunny wellness.


This Mini Lop has the most boopable nose ever!


Sky and Grace are two stay-at-home buns living the life. We can’t get enough of their pictures!


Melvin and Bianca are two cage-free & litter-trained house bunnies. Their account is both humorous and adorable. What more could you want?


This Holland Lop | tricks + agility


Bristol and Hugh are undeniably ear-resistible! They also have the coolest set up. Go to their page to check out the coolest indoor bun house.


Life is better with Baby Tate! This little guy is always exploring new, exciting places.


We would give Latte and Matcha treats all day long. Their account is so fun and their bun-mom makes some really neat stuff on Etsy. Go see fur yourself!


Hopping and shopping are clearly this bun’s favorite things to do. This cutie has an extensive wardrobe that you won’t want to miss.

This Netherland Dwarf is guaranteed to make you smile!


Ellie spends her time “nibbling on carpet, cords and everything green.”


Coco is not only an Instagram and TikTok star, but also a vlogger! Check her out on YouTube for her morning routine.


These four sweet buns are always up to something!


Taro, Cocoa, and Chai make cool IGTV videos for bun parents and bun lovers.


Pickle and Nelly make us hoppy.


Millie & Motts are always having a good hare day!