names for pet snakes

The Best Names For Your Snake

More than 500,000 households in the U.S. have a pet snake, according to Pet Secure. Although some people consider snakes to be the opposite of man’s best friend, others have embraced their beauty and mysteriousness. People can feel a special connection with their cold-blooded friends, and handling your snake can help you get to know her better. Additionally, making an effort to create an interesting habitat can keep your snake healthy. Spending time coming up with the perfect name can also work to solidify your relationship.

Strong Names

If you want your snake to have some notoriety, don’t call her Daisy. Give her a name that reflects her rugged character. You can impress your friends with tough-sounding snake names. Here are some options that make her sound like the rebel that she is.

Human Names

Giving your pet snake a human name seems to infuse it with a certain personality. It’s kind of humorous to slap a name like Larry on a slithery snake. Maybe your pet reminds you of your best friend from childhood. Perhaps you just like the idea of saying, “Hi, Bertha” when you walk up to the enclosure. Here are some good human names for male and female snakes.

Colorful Names

Does your snake have bright stripes or a bold pattern? Naming your snake after her looks can leave you with a descriptive title that’s completely appropriate. Red, blue, and orange are fine names for a snake. However, you can get even more creative by breaking out a box of crayons.

Regal Names

Are you obsessed with the royal family? Even if you’re not, your pet deserves a dignified name. Give him an elegant moniker that demonstrates his penchant for the good life. After all, snakes are quite noble creatures. Plus, you might be able to use your fascination with Game of Thrones to name your snake.

Nature Names

When you think of snakes, you think of nature. Therefore, why not name your pet after something that you might find in its habitat? These names bring to mind the great outdoors. If you prefer camping to watch Netflix, you might want to give your snake one of these rustic names.

Famous Character Names

Are you a fan of a particular TV show, movie, or book? Maybe your pet reminds you of one of those characters. Perhaps you just like the sound of one of the names. Superheroes, villains, and people from story books all fall into this category. According to Vet Street, pet name trends are affected by pop culture.

Interesting Snake Facts

Your snake won’t respond to its name as a dog would. Naming a snake might benefit you more than it helps your snake. Many people are afraid of reptiles. Providing them with a name can make them seem less threatening.

When people know more about snakes, they may fear them less. Here are some interesting snake facts to break the ice. The snake uses its tongue to smell. When it flicks its tongue at you, it’s not trying to look intimidating. It’s simply checking out its environment. The entrance to the snake’s breathing tube closes when the snake is swallowing prey. This prevents the snake from getting food into its respiratory tract. It’s also responsible for the animal’s hissing sound.

Snakes don’t have true scales. Their skin makes up a pattern of scale-shaped areas, but each area is connected to the next. The animals aren’t slimy. Their skin feels smooth and cool to the touch. Most snakes shed their skin two to four times a year. Before you pass this off as a strange occurrence, you should realize that you shed your skin throughout the year. It just comes off in tiny pieces instead of in one continuous layer. A snake’s skin doesn’t grow. Therefore, it must get rid of the old layer to allow for additional growth.

Although many people think that snakes are strange and exotic, they’re not that different from you and me, especially if they have a name like Jennifer. Although a name is important, so is proper snake care. Learn about the best practices for keeping a snake in captivity so that you raise a happy, healthy pet. Some snakes can live up to 15 to 30 years. Therefore, you have a long time to work on your relationship.