Cat Litter Furniture – Vet’s Advice On Cat Litter Furniture

What is Cat Litter Furniture?

Cat litter furniture is furniture that helps to hide your litter box. It can come in all sorts of styles such as furniture that looks like end tables, a bar cabinet or a planter!

The cat litter furniture usually encloses the litterbox and many items can be quite stylish. There are several wooden end table styles in beautiful carved mahogany.

But here lies the problem with cat litter furniture. Generally, cats don’t like it. They will use it but they generally don’t like the confined quarters of cat litter furniture.

By nature of survival, most cats like to be able to see around them all of the time. They can’t with most designs of cat litter furniture. It may be less of an issue in a one cat household it is more of an issue in a multi-cat household where there is ALWAYS some cat hierarchy (even with 2 cats).

The second problems with most pieces of cat litter furniture is that the ventilation is poor. Most pieces do not allow free airflow and the areas can become quite smelly and unpleasant to your cat.

The last thing you want is for your cat to start urinating outside of the litter box! Trust me on that one!

If you do try some cat litter furniture, make sure you keep your regular litter box around. Don’t get rid of it and just replace it. Allow your cat to gradually get used to the new piece of cat litter furniture. Give him treats or praise if you see him use it.

Only after you KNOW he is using it regularly, should you get rid of your other litter box.

However, remember the rule with litter boxes – you should have one per cat PLUS one OR one per floor, whichever is more. So that means 1 cat = 2 litter boxes. If you have one cat and a 3 story house = 3 litter boxes. If you have 2 cats and 3 floors – you should have 3 litter boxes.

I hope this gives you more information on cat litter furniture.