7 Cats and Their Celebrity Parents

7 Cats and Their Celebrity Parents

Cats and the people who love them often get a bad rap. Terms like “cat lady” are used like pejoratives and nobody’s ever called a kitten “man’s best friend.” Fortunately for felines and friends of felines, public opinion is starting to turn. PetPlace’s 2020 Pet Election saw cats score a narrow victory over their rivals and science is beginning to show that cats aren’t nearly as unfriendly as they’re made out to be.

Even these celebrities agree that cats are the purr-fect companion.

Martha Stewart and Princess Peony

Bath time isn’t much fun, but Princess Peony otherwise has the time of her nine lives living with Martha Stewart. She and sister Empress Tang have got to be two of the most pampered cats around.


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Taylor Swift and Olivia

Even with a pop star’s packed schedule, Taylor Swift makes plenty of time for her trio of feline friends: Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey, and Benjamin Button. No wonder she took a role in 2019’s Cats.


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Bobby Flay and Nacho

It’s no surprise that world-renowned chef Bobby Flay chose a culinary name for his pet Maine Coon. With more than 200,000 followers and counting, he and his sister Stella are becoming nearly as famous as their dad.


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Ke$ha and Mr. Fluffy Pants

Wearing some cat-print of her own, the musician poses with just one of her many beloved pets. Mr. Peeps, another of Ke$ha’s four-legged family members, was voted ‘Favorite Celebrity Cat’ by Billboard Magazine readers in 2019. We hope there isn’t a sibling rivalry brewing!


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Drew Barrymore and Peach

Peach, one of the actress’ three cats looks just peachy in this video. An animal advocate and avowed pet lover, Barrymore posts far more than just cat-centric content. Her family’s other pets include several dogs, a guinea pig, a mouse, and a lizard. You’ll see them all on her Instagram feed.


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Mayim Bialik with Nermal and Adamantium

This actress doesn’t just play a cat fanatic on TV. She’s a real-life cat-vocate (supporting campaigns for organizations like Best Friends and the ASPCA) and a proud pet parent to Nermal, Frances, and “Addie.”


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More Celebrities and Their Pets

More of a dog person? Check out this gallery of celebrities and their pups. Don’t forget to follow PetPlace on Instagram and Twitter for more can’t-miss pet content every day of the week.

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