A black and white senior dog at an animal shelter.

6 Celebrities Who Love Their Senior Dogs

Thinking of adopting a new dog or cat? Puppies and kittens might get the most love on social media, but senior pets are looking for forever homes too. November is Senior Pet Appreciation Month and the perfect time to take a trip down to your local shelter or adoption center.

Bringing home a pet with a little gray in their coat could very well mean saving a life. As much as they’d like to, most shelters can’t house every pet indefinitely. Opting for an older pet could save time and effort too. Many senior pets were trained and socialized before finding their way into shelters. That means senior pet owners can often skip some of the frustrating trial and error that tends to come with adoption.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these celebrities who’ve welcomed senior pets into their lives.

@kristenanniebell and Frank

Kristen Bell’s husband Dax Shepard is allergic to most dogs, but the couple just couldn’t say no to Frank. This adorable rescue joined the famous family earlier this year.

@hilaryswank and Sufi

Hilary Swank has two Academy Awards, but her pup Sufi is the real winner in this picture. Swank, who has adopted and fostered numerous dogs over the years, welcomed Sufi home in 2017.

@drewbarrymore, Douglas, and Lucy

Actress and talk show host Drew Barrymore is a well-known dog lover who’s helped foster nearly a dozen pups. She shared this photo of Douglas and Lucy to celebrate National Dog Day 2020 back in August.

@hilaryduff and Lucy

In 2018, Hilary Duff adopted Lucy with help from Love Leo Rescue. The Los Angeles-based organization helps find homes for seniors, injured dogs, and other pups that may be facing euthanasia.

@vancityreynolds and Baxter

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds wished his dog Baxter a happy birthday while acknowledging that he’s not the best dog-friendly chef. Maybe he should check out some of our pet-friendly recipes ahead of Baxter’s next birthday.

Amanda Seyfried and @finnsite

Amanda Seyfried manages a dedicated Instagram account for her Australian Shepherd Finn. With more than 80,000 followers and counting, Finn’s getting to be as famous as his mom!

Caring for a Senior Pet

You may not need to house train a senior pet or teach them to get along with others, but that doesn’t mean caring for older dogs and cats is simple. Check out these articles to learn more about providing everything a senior pet needs to stay happy and healthy into old age: