A Cornish Rex cat sitting in the green grass.

Affectionate Cat Breeds

Don’t let their reputation fool you. Though self-styled “dog people” often tag cats as aloof and even unfriendly, there are plenty of cute and cuddly kittens out there. If you’re eager to welcome a new cat to the family — or just doing a little research — check out our list of the most affectionate and friendliest cat breeds.

American Shorthair

One of the most ubiquitous breeds is also among the most affectionate. American Shorthairs love attention from pet parents and make fast friends thanks to their adaptable nature. First-time cat owners may especially appreciate how easy-going American Shorthairs tend to be.


The stunning Birman enjoys spending time with companions of any species. Their fluffy coats have a regal quality, fitting for a breed who definitely enjoys time in the lap of luxury. Birmans aren’t particularly active, so cat owners with small living spaces may especially enjoy counting them as housemates.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rexes possess an outgoing, affectionate attitude that’s made them a favorite as therapy cats. Owners know that, whatever they’re doing, this breed always love to be the center of attention.

Maine Coon

The Pine Tree State’s cat is one of the biggest felines around. Maine Coons can reach more than 40 inches in length! Feline fanciers will be happy to learn that the breed has levels of energy and affection to match their impressive stature.


Thanks to their luxurious coats, Persians tend to require a fair amount of grooming. They’re less of a commitment where exercise is concerned. Persians aren’t very active at all and much prefer offering affection on the couch to getting their heart rates up outdoors. Offer up a lap and you’ll find a lifetime friend in a Persian.

Scottish Fold

Most known for their distinct, forward-folding ears, Scottish Folds are equally beloved among enthusiasts for their affectionate and social disposition. Be ready to offer plenty of pets and pats if you’re thinking of adopting a Scottish Fold.


Both a unique look and a winning personality have made the Siamese a favorite breed of cat lovers everywhere for centuries. First-time owners beware, Siamese cats are especially vocal and eager to engage owners in conversation.


Without a furry coat to keep them warm, Sphynx cats often search for human heat sources to snuggle against. You can’t do much better than a Sphynx if you’re looking for a cat to stay by your side and spend long hours relaxing together.


Lovable Ragdoll cats get their name from their tendency to go limp in the arms of their human companions. They welcome any opportunity for this namesake behavior, seeking out attention and affection whenever they can get it.

Russian Blue

With a plush coat and striking green eyes, the Russian Blue is most definitely a breed that turns heads. They’re as affectionate as they are beautiful, forming close bonds with trusted human companions.

How Do Cats Show Affection?

If your cat isn’t particularly fond of attention and doesn’t thrill at the thought of hours on the couch, it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate your company. Some cats show affection in strange ways and many only do so sparingly. Does your cat love you?

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