A gray cat with a television remote in their paw.

Best Cat Names from Most Popular TV Shows!

Want to name your cat after a famous TV actor, actress, or personality? Maybe your cat loves to watch TV – give them a name after their favorite TV star!

We’ve compiled a list of famous actors, actresses, and characters from the most popular TV shows to give some ideas for naming your feline!

List of TV Show Names for Your Cat

We hope this list of TV-show based cat names gives you an idea on naming your cat. These names are listed alphabetically.

  1. Adam Chandler (From All My Children)
  2. Agnes (from One Life to Live)
  3. Alan (From Two and a Half Men)
  4. Alan Shore (from Boston Legal)
  5. ALF
  6. Alias
  7. Sydney (from Alias)
  8. Allie (from Kate & Allie)
  9. Ally (from Ally McBeal)
  10. Amen
  11. Amy (from Judging Amy)
  12. Anarchy (from Sons of Anarchy)
  13. Angel (for the TV show Angel)
  14. Angel (from Touched by an Angel)
  15. Archie (from All in the Family)
  16. Avatar (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  17. Bad (from Breaking Bad)
  18. Bajor (from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  19. Bauer (from the Guiding Light)
  20. Becker
  21. Belvedere (from Mr. Belvedere)
  22. Berta (from Two and a Half Men)
  23. Betty (from Ugly Betty)
  24. Beverly (from Beverly Hills, 90210)
  25. Blue (from NYPD Blue)
  26. Bob (from Bob Newhart show)
  27. Bobby (from The Practice)
  28. Bonanza
  29. Boss (from Who’s the Boss?)
  30. Boston (from Boston Legal)
  31. Boy (from Boy Meets World)
  32. Bree (From Desperate Housewives)
  33. Brenda Johnson (from The Closer)
  34. Brooklyn (from Living Single)
  35. Buchanan (from One Life to Live)
  36. Buffy (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  37. Burke (from Rachel Burke is a criminal profiler in Profiler)
  38. Burke (from White Collar)
  39. Cabot (from Cabot Cove, Maine…from Murder, She Wrote)
  40. Caffrey (from White Collar)
  41. Carlos (From Desperate Housewives)
  42. Carly (from iCarly)
  43. Carol (From Step by Step)
  44. Caroline in the City
  45. Charmed (for the TV show Charmed)
  46. Cheers
  47. Christine (from The New Adventures of Old Christine)
  48. Chuck
  49. Clark (from Smallville)
  50. Coach
  51. Conan (from The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien)
  52. Cooper (from the Guiding Light)
  53. Corky (from Life Goes On)
  54. Cosby
  55. Cosby (from The Cosby Show)
  56. Cramer (from One Life to Live)
  57. Cylon (from (from Battlestar Galactica)
  58. Dallas
  59. David (from The Late Show with David Letterman
  60. Dawson (from Dawson’s Creek)
  61. Dear (from Yes, Dear)
  62. Denise Huxtable (from A Different World)
  63. Denny Crane (from Boston Legal)
  64. Dexter
  65. Dharma (from Dharma & Greg)
  66. Diane (from Cheers)
  67. Dick Solomon (from 3rd Rock from the Sun)
  68. Dixie (from Designing Women)
  69. Dolly (from TV show Dollhouse)
  70. Don (from Mad Men)
  71. Doogie (from Doogie Howser, M.D.)
  72. Drake (from Drake and Josh)
  73. Draper (from Mad Men)
  74. Drew (from The Drew Carey Show)
  75. Dunder (From The Office)
  76. Dwight (From The Office)
  77. Dylan McDermott (from The Practice)
  78. Dynasty
  79. Earl (from My Name Is Earl)
  80. Ed
  81. Edith (from All in the Family)
  82. Ellen
  83. Elsie (from St. Elsewhere)
  84. ER
  85. Eric (from7th Heaven)
  86. Erica Kane (From All My Children)
  87. Falcon (from Falcon Crest)
  88. Family Ties
  89. Fatman (from Jake and the Fatman)
  90. Felicity
  91. Fifty
  92. Fisher (family from Six Feet Under)
  93. Flaherty (from TV show Spin City)
  94. Footie (for Monday Night Football)
  95. Frank (From Step by Step)
  96. Frasier
  97. Friend (for TV show Friends)
  98. Fringe
  99. Fugitive (from The Fugitive)
  100. Full House
  101. Gabrielle (From Desperate Housewives)
  102. Galactica (from Battlestar Galactica)
  103. Garrett (from housemother in The Facts of Life)
  104. Gavin (from Rescue Me)
  105. George (from Seinfeld)
  106. George Lopez
  107. Ghost (from Ghost Whisperer)
  108. Gilmore (from the Gilmore Girls)
  109. Girl (from Gossip Girl)
  110. Glee
  111. Goldie (from The Golden Girls)
  112. Grace (from Grace Under Fire)
  113. Grace (from Will & Grace)
  114. Greg (from Dharma & Greg)
  115. Gunsmoke
  116. Gyver (from MacGyver)
  117. Haley (from One Tree Hill)
  118. Hannah (from Hannah Montana)
  119. Harry or Hamlin (from L.A. Law)
  120. Harry Weston (from Empty Nest)
  121. Hero (for the TV show Heroes)
  122. Highway (from Highway to Heaven)
  123. Homicide: Life on the Street
  124. Hope (from Chicago Hope)
  125. House
  126. Hughes (From As the World Turns)
  127. In the Heat of the Night
  128. Jack (from Sons of Anarchy)
  129. Jack Mannion (from The District)
  130. Jag (from TV show JAG)
  131. Jake (from Jake and the Fatman)
  132. Jamie (from Mad About You)
  133. Jarod (from The Pretender)
  134. Jason (fror Dr. Jason Seaver from the Growing Pains)
  135. Jay (from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)
  136. Jessica (from Sex and the City)
  137. Jessica Fletcher (from Murder, She Wrote)
  138. Jim (from According to Jim)
  139. Jim(From The Office)
  140. Jimmy (from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)
  141. Joey
  142. Jordan (from Crossing Jordan)
  143. Kate (from Kate & Allie)
  144. Kevin (from The Wonder Years)
  145. Kim (from Third Watch)
  146. King (from King of the Hill)
  147. Knottie (from Knots Landing)
  148. Kuzak (from character Michael Kuzak from L.A. Law)
  149. Lambert (From Step by Step)
  150. Las Vegas
  151. Law & Order
  152. Leap (from Quantum Leap)
  153. Leno (from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)
  154. Lewis (from the Guiding Light)
  155. Lilly (from Cold Case)
  156. Lost
  157. Lynette (From Desperate Housewives)
  158. MacGyver
  159. Mackey (from The Shield)
  160. Magnum (for Magnum PI)
  161. Major (from Major Dad)
  162. Malcolm (from Malcolm in the Middle)
  163. Married… with Children
  164. MASH
  165. Matlock
  166. Mcdreamy (from ER)
  167. McKinley (name of High School’s From TV Show Glee)
  168. Meddie (from Medium)
  169. Melrose (from Melrose Place)
  170. Miami (From Miami Vice)
  171. Michael Kyle (from My Wife and Kids)
  172. Mifflin (From The Office)
  173. Mike (from the Growing Pains)
  174. Monica (from Friends)
  175. Monk
  176. Moonie (from Moonlighting)
  177. Mother (from How I Met Your Mother)
  178. Mozzie (from White Collar)
  179. Murder (from Murder, She Wrote)
  180. Murphy (from Murphy Brown)
  181. Nanny (from The Nanny)
  182. Nash (from Nash Bridges)
  183. Nate (From Six Feet Under)
  184. Nathan (from One Tree Hill)
  185. Neal (from White Collar)
  186. Newhart
  187. Nitro (from WCW Monday Nitro)
  188. Nora (from Brothers & Sisters)
  189. Nucky (from Boardwalk Empire)
  190. Numb3rs
  191. O.C. (from The O.C.)
  192. Pam (From The Office)
  193. Parker (from the Parkers)
  194. Patrick (from The Mentalist)
  195. Paul (from Mad About You)
  196. Phoebe (from Friends)
  197. Picket (from Picket Fences)
  198. Pie (For Magnum PI)
  199. Prince (from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
  200. Providence
  201. Quantum (from Quantum Leap)
  202. Queenie (from The King of Queens)
  203. Quinn (from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)
  204. Rachael (from Friends)
  205. Randall (from TV show Spin City)
  206. Raylan Givens (From Justified)
  207. Raymond (form Everybody Loves Raymond)
  208. Reba
  209. Rock (from 30 Rock)
  210. Roseanne
  211. Salinger (From Party of Five)
  212. Sam (from Cheers)
  213. Santos (from the Guiding Light)
  214. Schuester (From TV Show Glee)
  215. Scofield (from Prison Break)
  216. Scrubs
  217. Seaver (from Dr. Jason Seaver from the Growing Pains)
  218. Seinfeld
  219. Seventy (from That ’70s Show)
  220. Shade (from Evening Shade)
  221. Shield (From the Shield)
  222. Sisko (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  223. Sister (from Sister, Sister)
  224. Sister (from TV show Sisters)
  225. Sloan (from Diagnosis: Murder)
  226. Snyder (From As the World Turns)
  227. Sookie (from True Blood)
  228. Soprano (from The Sopranos)
  229. Spaulding (from the Guiding Light)
  230. Star Trek: Enterprise
  231. Star Trek: Voyager
  232. Stargate (from Stargate SG-1)
  233. Sugarbaker (from Designing Women)
  234. Susan (From Desperate Housewives)
  235. Tommy (from Rescue Me)
  236. Tori (from Victorious)
  237. Trace (from Without a Trace)
  238. Trek (from Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  239. TS (for the Tonight Show)
  240. Unit (from the Unit)
  241. Vegas (from Las Vegas)
  242. Veronica (from Veronica Mars)
  243. Vic (from The Shield)
  244. Vice (From Miami Vice)
  245. Vince (from Entourage)
  246. Walden (Two and a Half Men)
  247. Walker (from Brothers & Sisters)
  248. Walker (from Walker, Texas Ranger)
  249. Walsh (From As the World Turns)
  250. Walter White (from Breaking Bad)
  251. Waverly (from the Wizards of Waverly Place)
  252. Westie (from The West Wing)
  253. Will (from Will & Grace)
  254. William Adama (from Battlestar Galactica)
  255. Wings
  256. Winslow (from Family Matters)
  257. Woody (for the TV show Everwood)
  258. X (from the X-Files)
  259. Zoey (from Zoey 101)

Cat Names by Gender

Research showed that Chloe and Lily are top female cat names and Max and Oliver are top male cat names. Here is the rest of the list of popular female and male cat names.