Advice for Siamese kitten that is suckling on things

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We have a six-month-old lilac point Siamese kitten. We bought her from a reputable breeder when she was 12-weeks-old. She has this strange habit of sucking on fabric, and stiff paper…like heavy manila folders. She only does this when she is sleepy and settling down for a nap. Someone told me that it might be a sign she was too young when she left her mother, but I thought 12 weeks was an okay age to separate them. Why does she do this? Is it something we need to worry about?

Emily Weaver


Hi Emily – thanks for your email. This is pretty common in cats. I’ve seen cats do that were taken off their moms young and on cats that were not. I don’t think it has anything to do with it.

Many kitten (and even adult cats) will demonstrate a suckling behavior when they are relaxed, comfortable and getting ready for a nap. Many cats will also move their paws which is sometimes called “making biscuits” but demonstrates the motions of nursing.

I think it is similar to young kids that suck their thumbs.

As long as you kitten doesn’t “eat” any of the objects that she is suckling, it generally isn’t a problem.

2 articles that might be helpful to you are on our is Why do cats knead so much? Woolsucking in Cats.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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