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Ask Dr. Debra – Answers to Previous Cat Questions

Here are answers from our previous “Ask Dr. Debra” Questions. We hope they help you find the answer you need.

Dr. Debra will choose ten questions a week.

Food Questions

Cat Kidney Food
Low pH Cat Food
Premium Cat Food
Sensitive Stomach Cat Food
Cat hairball formula and calories
Treat Cat Hair Balls
Cat treats for young cats
My cat eats LOTS of grass
Cat food with good PH and bladder stones
Home-Made nutritionally sound cat food books
How do I change my cat’s food?
What is the best way to feed a cat?
My cat is loosing weight and won’t eat his dry food
Are olives bad for cats?
Is it ok to give an outdoor cat warm milk with water?
What human foods are not good for kitties?
Is it safe for cats to eat arugalia?
Why does my cat try to cover his food?

Food Recall Questions

What % of Food Has Been Recalled?
What Do I do with Recalled Food?
Food Recall an accident?
How is melamine used?
What is Wheat Gluten?
A cat prescription diet was recalled. Do you know which one?
How I can tell if the food I give my cat came from Canada or the United States
Are there any new foods recalled?
Wild Kitty food and salmonella contamination
Product that almost killed my cat
What foods on the market are dangerous to dogs and cats
Pet Food Recall: Extreme concern
Have you heard anything about Melamine being in Hog Food?
Have you heard anything about a recall on Natural Balance Foods?
Not only wheat gluten was contaminated. Is that true?

Behavior Questions

Keep Your Cat From Tearing Furniture
Minimize Cat Stress while Changing Jobs
Minimize Cat Stress After Human Loss
Minimize Cat Stress While Cat is in the Hospital
Minimize Cat Stress While Redecorating
Minimize Cat Stress While Remodeling
Minimize Cat Stress with New Person in House
Minimize Cat Stress With Outdoor Construction
My Cat Is Chewing The Furniture
Kitten starts crying in the middle of the night and doesn’t stop
Cat peeing on rugs
Cat wetting problem
Cats spraying
Wild in the house sometimes
Cat with odd behavior
Cat acting weird
Cat with strange behaviors
Big cat having a hard time grooming her bottomCat stress after moving
Cat biting when petted
Can I kennel train our cat like a dog
8-year-old female housesoiling
Ragdoll cat biting his claws!
Cat chewing on cords
Cat Behavior and Health
Advice for Siamese kitten that is suckling on things
Why do cats chew on plastic?
Crazy sweet then aggressive behavior in a cat
How to Stop a Dog from Eating Cats Food
Why do Cats Head Butt?
How Do I get a Difficult Cat in a Pet Taxi?
My cat is not using the litter box after I came back from vacation
Cat Urinating on Leather
My Cat Chews and Eats Things!
My cat behavior has changed after he lost his other cat friends
How often is too often for a cat to get catnip?

Can cats be regretful – Do cats actually regret?
My cat has suddenly changed personalities
My cat keeps crying – it’s driving me crazy! What can I do?
How can I minimize stress on my cat when traveling?
Why does my cat wiggle the top of his bum with his tail straight up in the air?

General Questions

Should I breed my cat so my kids will learn about life?
How To Get A Cat In A Carrier
How To Keep Cats Out Of Flower Bed
My cats tongue is always poking out
My cat Mini is not happy
Question on gender and age
How can you tell if a cat has been fixed?
What is the best age to declaw a cat?
Rodney our Ragdoll cat
Stray cat bit me
Where do you take a cats blood from?
Whisker loss in cat
How do you make cats and dogs live longer?
Would a 2nd cat be good for a nervous but lonely cat?
Advice on Declawed Cats and Cat Trees
Indoor Outdoor cats live longer than you say
Dealing with Grief from losing an indoor-outdoor cat from antifreeze poisoning
How do I become a Veterinarian?
Pregnant woman concerned about risk of fleas and mice
Should my vet refund my money for medications my pet didn’t use?
Can a spayed feline still nurse her kittens?
When do you “own” a stray cat?
What is the best amount of time spent with your cat when you work and are away?
If a male cat is a tom, what is a female?
What does the abbreviation MC mean on a medical chart?
Are poinsettia plants toxic?
Is tinsel toxic? My cat ate tinsel from our Christmas tree and has been vomiting
How can I stop my cat from licking his surgical wounds?
Does licking or eating plastic bags bad for my cat?
Why is my cat licking his bottom?
How do you grow cat grass?
Is the laser light dangerous for cats?
How can I tell what type of cat I have?
Should I worry about Lead in my cat’s toys and bowls?
How do you keep a collar on a stubborn cat that hates it?
What human health concerns can occur from unclean cat conditions?
Why does my cat put her stuffed mouse in the water?
What is the ideal temperature in a cat environment?
Does a cold, wet nose really mean a cat is healthy?
Why do cats lick each other?
Is it okay for my cat to eat red roses?
Why does my cat clean me up by licking?

Health Questions

Cat vomits food
Should I declaw my cat?
How To Tell When Your Cat is Sick
Cat Ear Polyps
Cat Eye Anatomy
Cat Eye Infections
Contagious Cat Eye Problems
Kitten with diarrhea
Injured Kitty
Shaking of the legs in a young cat
Kitten wound
Kitten won’t move or eat
Question about FIP
What are common causes of nasal bleeding congestion?
Stray cat with health problems
My cat’s weight
Cat licking herself
Current cat illness
Cat’s paw pad is red and swollen
Corona Virus, FIP in multicat household
My cat is drooling and is very tired!

Sneezing Cat
Cat loosing hair and lump on left side
Sick Persian cat
Cat diagnosed with hypercalcemia
Anemic senior cat
Cat with diarrhea in multicat household
Putting weight on a 16 year old cat. How?
Cat has to pull herself up on the bed, not using her back legs
Do cat’s have heart murmurs?
Cat acting dizzy – Vertigo?
Hilo’s respiratory distress
Cat eating newspaper
Bipolar disorder in a cat?
Cat lost his appetite
Excessive cat urination and defecation
Patch of hair missing from tail area
Does my cat have an infection or is he just overweight?
One of my cats immediately vomits after eating
My cat was diagnosed with stud tail
Cat Dandruff
What do cats die from?
Urinary obstruction in a female cat
Kittens eyes opening at different times
Matted fur and painful swelling of skin on tummy
My cat was diagnosed with subcutaneous emphysema
Cat in heat?
Litter and lung tumors in cats
Cat eye health
Manx-mix cat died suddenly
How do I tell if my cat is in shock after an injury?
Neutered cat and testosterone hormone levels
Sick cat and neutering
Advice for Dealing with Hairballs
Advice for Cat Having Collapse or Seizure
Advice for Panting Scared Cat
Advice for why a cat lost his appetite
Anal discharge and scooting in a cat
Mother cat sick with nursing kittens

Tear stains and eye drainage in a Persian cat
Do cats grow more nipples to nurse kittens?
What causes blood in a cat feces?
Cat Lost Kittens and now in heat – what to do?
Owner gone for 24 hours and cat is sick – what to do?
Bites caused by walking dandruff – what is that?
Do you have any tips for dealing with cats with megacolon?
How do I provide heat support to my sick cat?
Tips for living with a blind cat
Can cats get over Asthma?
Terrible flea infestation – what can I do?
How do I get my Obese Kitty to Lose Weight?
My Cat is in heat – is there any homeopathic remedy to calm her down?
My cat has skin breakdown and scabs every summer – What Can I do?
Dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a cat
Jerking of paws and twitching of mouth before falling asleep
Can I give Helicobacter pylori infection to my cat?
My cat is hoarse and has a crackly meow – why is this?
Can a cat get a copperhead bite?
Treatment for Bladder stones in cats
My cat is a diabetic – how do I dispose of his syringes?
Cats with HIV (feline AIDS) don’t need to be separated
My cat has dandruff that seems to move. Is that a parasite?
My cat is having some tearing, eye discharge and sneezing. What should I do?
Can cats experience physical reactions to stress such as vomiting?
What is DKA and how is it different from regular “Diabetes”?
Can cats get a disease called IMHA?
Can cats get sick from “Cat Scratch Disease” or just people that get sick?
What is “Hemobart”?
Can cats cause Baylisascaria Infection in children?
I adopted a cat with PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease). Will she get sick?
What is a “foreign body”?
Is there a genetic test for polycystic kidney disease?
I brought my cat home from the hospital and my other cats are acting aggressive
Fibrosarcoma in my cat – what should I do?
Vomiting and inappropriate urination – any advice?
What is Song Bird Toxicity or Song Bird Fever in Cats?
I have a fat cat that lost a lot of weight – Help me!
I have a sick outdoor cat
My cat has a urinary problem and cries at night
Is 18 years old too old to treat a disease?
My cat has two lumps on each side by his ribs
Can cats get lead poisoning?
My cat has diarrhea – what can I do?
My cat vomits occasionally but acts okay – do you think that is a problem?
My cat has waxy debris just in front of his tail head…what is it?
What causes a cat to have blood shot eyes?
Why does my cat have a dirty bottom?
Continuing Chemo vs. Quality of Life?
My cat has a resorptive lesion – what should I do?
My cat is panting and making strange noises
What are signs of dehydration in a cat?
Home care for a stray cat with a bleeding bump
My Cat is dragging his rear legs
My cat is throwing up this yellow foamy stuff. What is wrong with him?
My cat has a string coming out his rectum – what should I do?
What advice do you have on a cat that is vomiting frequently?
Why does my cat have really strong urine odor?
Why is my cat loosing weight and drinking more water?
Why is my cat is always hungry?
What do I do with a cat that has feces stuck on the hair of his rear end?
Why does my obese cat bite himself when I scratch him over his back?
What should I do with a stray cat with leukemia that seems healthy?

Kitten Care

How do you tube feed a kitten?
What kind of milk replacement should I give my orphaned kitten?
How can you tell the sex of a cat?
When should kittens be weaned and when do they urinate on their own?
Behavior change in a kitten after vaccination
What is considered proper “eye care” for kittens?
What do I do about a 12-week-old kitten sucking on private parts?
Worried about kitten sleeping too much

Odor Control and Litter Questions

Cat Litter Furniture
Cat Urine Odor Removal
Cat Urine Odors In Wood
Fresh Step Cat Litter
Removing Cat Urine Odor
Hiding a litter box
Home Remedy For Removing Cat Urine Odor
How to Remove Cat Urine Odor From Carpet
Remove Cat Urine Odor
Why Cat Won’t Use Litter Box
Cat doesn’t cover her feces in the litter box
What causes very strong ammonia odor in cat urine?
Cleaning cat urine

Wellness Questions

Cat Flea Control
Cat Flea Treatment
Cat ID Collars
Remedy for Cat Fleas
Shots for kittens
My cat had a tick. Should I bring her to the Vet?
Cat ears
Seed like things around my cat’s bed?
Advise on kitten care
My cat has fleas
False pregnancy in a cat
Vets Advice – How do I brush my cat’s teeth
Kitten Vaccines, at what age are the first shots?
Longhaired cat gets feces stuck on fur
How do I provide mental stimulation to my cat?
Advice for cat with hair mat problem
Why does my cat keep coming in heat?
Should I take my cat with me or Get a Cat sitter?
Cat reacts funny to topical flea medication – What did I do wrong?
Should I vaccinate my cat for FIV?
Why do I need to repeat a Feline Leukemia and AIDS test?
Can cats get pregnant while still nursing kittens?
My cat has bad breath – what can I do?
Can my cat be spayed if she is still nursing?
How long after giving birth can the mother cat become pregnant?
My cat is leaving what look like sesame seeds where he sleeps
What is the best method for contraception in cats other than spaying?
Why does my cat have black specks or crumbs on her chin?


How long does it take for Clavamox to work?
Aspirin and pet liver
Can I mix Antirobe with my cat’s food?
Taurine seems to help an 18-year-old cat
Home remedy for ear mites
Clavamox drops expiration
When do amoxi-drops expire?
My cat has a fever and I’m giving him infant pain reliever
Can you use Program (lufenuron) to treat ringworm?
What is the dose of AZT use in cats with feline AIDS (FIV)?
Is there an inhaler that can be used in cats?
Dr. Debra – What is a MDI?
I gave my cat “bad” antibiotics – will he be okay?
Can I use a baby aspirator on my kitten’s cold and stuffy nose?