Low pH Cat Food – Vet’s Advice on Low pH Cat Food

What is low pH cat food?

Low pH cat food is a special type of cat food that increases the acidity of cat urine. This type of food often also has low magnesium and is used to help cats with a history of urinary tract problems. Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), also called feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC), is a disorder of the urinary system that can affect any cat. For more information on FLUTD, click here.

Low pH cat food can help make the urine more acidic, often less than 6.8. This can reduce the risk of developing struvite bladder crystals. Alkaline urine (pH over 7) increases the likelihood of developing crystals. The best type of low pH cat food is one that will result in a urine pH of around 6.8. This diet should be the only food fed and the cat should be allowed to nibble on the food throughout the day. Feeding a few small meals can result in more acidic urine.

Several companies produce low pH cat food and the best low pH cat food will vary depending on the needs of your cat. We recommend that you take your cat to your veterinarian to ensure that there is not a underlying problem causing urinary problems, have a urine sample examined to determine what the pH is now, what type of crystals are present to determine the best low pH cat food for your cat.

Dr. Debra

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