Cat hairball formula and calories

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Does hairball formula food have more calories than regular cat food. I have a "chubby bubby" and I am not sure how to help her get back in line. She has hairballs terrible without the food.


Cindy Scott-May


Hi – thanks for your email. Some hairball formulas may have more calories and some may have less. The ideal method to figure it out is to read the labels on different brands and compare the kcals in the foods.

Another alternative to hairball food, is regular food or low calorie food supplemented with hairball formula medications such as Laxatone.

It is important not to put a cat on too strict of a diet too quickly. I have an article on petplace that might help you – it is about dealing with obese cats – "Obesity in Cats".

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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