Cat Ear Polyps – Vet’s Advice On Cat Ear Polyps

What are cat ear polyps and how are they treated?

Cat ear polyps are benign growths that can occur in the middle ear, or near or through the tympanic membrane (ear drum). They are actually considered nasopharyngeal polyps. These growths can also occur in the pharynx (back of the throat). The underlying cause of nasopharyngeal polyps is uncertain although they may be the result of an inflammatory process or viral disease. Cat ear polyps mainly occur in young cats. Depending on the location of the polyp, the symptoms of the cat can include snoring, abnormal breathing, trouble swallowing, poor balance or incoordination, and ear infections. Some cats will have recurrent ear infections that do not respond properly to antibiotics. The polyps can be diagnosed on physical examination focusing on the mouth and ears, x-rays, and occasionally CT scan or MRI.
The primary treatment is surgery. For more detailed information on Nasopharyngeal Polyps in Cats, click here.

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