Do you have any tips for dealing with cats with megacolon?

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Hi Dr. Debra:

Could you give to us some “management” possible solutions about this problem “Mega Colon”. I think many cats are suffering with this problem. One of them is my “baby” almost 7-years-old and I am trying Metamucil (1 teaspoon with 2 of water). I make little balls in I introduce in his mouth. No dry food and also I adding 1 teaspoon of fiver (no flavor). Sometimes I have to do enemas on him. I tried medicines giving by the doctor but almost he was killed. Thanks for your possible information. I am taking this opportunity to thanks for your care with your pet concerns.

Jack M.


Hi – thanks for your email. Megacolon is a difficult condition to manage. Megacolon is a condition of severe dilation and poor motility of the colon. Subsequently accumulation of fecal material occurs and the cat is unable to evacuate it causing a big or “mega” colon.

A couple articles that might be helpful to you are Constipation in Cats and Megacolon in Cats.

Go to page 3 of the megacolon in cats article for specific recommendations. In my experience, there is no one pill or medications that works for all cats. It is usually a combination of medications that work.

For many cats, the goal of therapy is to keep the stool very soft (almost a pudding consistency).

When I say many cats are on a combination of therapies, some cats will be on a diet of canned food with Metamucil® sprinkled on it, lactulose a couple times a day, Cisapride, and hair ball remedy once a day. Many times you are playing with the amounts and dosages to get the right program for your cat. Check out this article as I think it might be helpful.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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