My Cat Is Chewing The Furniture – Vet’s Advice On Cats Chewing Furniture

My cat is chewing the furniture….what can I do?

A cat chewing on the furniture is not a common problem and can be difficult to stop. You can try to put hard plastic over the area that is being chewed. You can also use a water sprayer to spritz the cat whenever he or she is caught chewing. Try to make the cat believe the spritz came from some higher power and not you as they can learn to not chew when YOU are around. There are several products on the market for dog chewing (such as “bitter apple” – a spray that tastes bad and deters dogs from chewing) but has not been used reliably in cats. Cats generally dislike the smell of many cleaning products (especially citrus type scents) and many fragrances. You could try spraying Lysol or other scents to see if this deters your cat. Stay away from ammonia as it can smell similar to cat urine. Good luck with your cat and we hope he stops chewing on the furniture!

Dr. Debra

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