What Does Your Cat Do When You Come Home Smelling Like Other Cats?

What Does Your Cat Do When You Come Home Smelling Like Other Cats?

It seems like cats can always tell when you've been hanging around with other animals. I've known a few cats who seem to get positively jealous when their owners come home smelling like someone else! You can imagine how veterinary professionals smell when we go home. I've even had friends' cats refuse to sit by me if I came straight from work. Cats really are interesting that way!

This made me curious to see what my readers had experienced with their cat. How does your cat react when you come home smelling like other pets? We asked you in a poll and today I'd like to share some of those comments.

Here are just a few of the comments from my readers:

"Cute Kitty" wrote: "As long as you come home, kitty won't be bothered."

Karen wrote: "I have three cats and for the most they are just happy I am home BUT one of them is not satisfied with just smelling me. If I don't go straight to my bedroom and change my clothes, he will manage some way to pee anywhere I sit down. Then, if I happen to lay down on the couch to watch TV and go to sleep, he will get on me and PEE on me. The reason I know this is, I learned the hard way. My daughter didn't believe he would do this, so she came over one day (she has a lot of cats) and when she got up from where she was sitting, he immediately went over and peed on it."

Wow, these results were interesting! In our poll about 12% of cats seem unbothered when owners who came back smelling like other pets. Dog owners on the other hand thought that only 2-3% were unbothered.

I have to admit – the idea of a jealous cat makes me laugh. Cats are so unusual sometimes!