average puggle weight

What’s the Average Weight for a Puggle?

An average puggle stands about 10 to 15 inches high at the shoulder and weighs somewhere between 10 and 30 pounds. Even within the same litter, puggle puppies can look very different from each other. The puggle’s size will depend upon what traits from the two breeds the individual puppy has inherited from his pug and beagle parents. You may get a small 15-pound dog, or you may get a larger 30-pound dog.

Both pugs and beagles are known for their tendency to overeat, so it’s no surprise that puggles are also notorious overeaters. Eating is one of their favorite activities. The problem is that they will consume so much food that they will often become overweight, which is very unhealthy. Because of their tendency to overeat, you should never free feed a puggle. It is recommended that you feed your puggle a high quality dry kibble, monitoring the portion sizes. The daily provision of food can be broken down into two or three meals so that your puggle can eat several times throughout the day. This should help to keep your puggle in good physical shape.

How will you know if your puggle is overweight? Your veterinarian will check your dog’s weight when he sees him. There are also some things you can do to determine if your dog is overweight. When you look down at your dog, you should be able to see a waist. Also, when you touch your dog you should be able to feel his ribs (but you should not be able to see them). If you or your vet determines that your dog is overweight, you will want to cut down on his food and increase his activity.

A staggering 53 percent of American dogs are obese. And while the numbers continue to rise, our dogs are suffering from many obesity-related health issues. And while the national average for canine obesity is alarming for all dogs, if you have a breed that is prone to overeating (like the puggle) you should be even more concerned. To learn more about canine obesity and how to manage it, go to Canine Obesity Management.

If you let your puggle eat too much you may be killing him with kindness. Obesity is a dangerous disease that can cause lasting damage to your dog’s internal organs, bones and joints. And some of the damage done by obesity can never be reversed even with a change in diet and exercise. Some of the damage to your dog’s body will remain for life – and the longer your dog carries around that excess weight, the more severe the damage to the body will become.

It’s important that you feed your dog a healthy diet in the right portion sizes. Many dog owners have wondered about homemade diets for overweight dogs. In many cases, this can be a good option for an obese dog. To learn more, go to Homemade Dog Food Recipe for Overweight Dogs.

If your dog is overweight, he can suffer from osteoarthritis, liver disease, trouble breathing, decreased stamina and heat intolerance. An obese dog can develop high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer. So take good care of your puggle and make sure to watch his diet.

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