Ben the Border Collie Gives Something Back

All around the world dogs bring joy and peace to not only their companions, but often to people who simply cross their paths. A little bit of dog love, even from a “stranger” can go a long way to make someone’s day. I just read a great story about a little dog that is working hard to bring joy to as many lives as possible.

Miriam Kelly in Dublin Ireland knew that Ben was special the moment their eyes met at the local animal shelter. She had just gone in for a look, but when she spied the little border collie and heard that he was scheduled to be euthanized that day, she knew she had to take him home.

Ben was only six months old and had been found wandering the streets, so Miriam couldn’t be sure what his first six months had been like, but they probably had not been very easy. Poor Ben was startled by everything, even the phone and the television. Over time though his confidence grew and Miriam thought that his special personality might brighten more than just her day.

Ben was taken to a local pet therapy organization that organized dog visits to local hospitals and hospices. Ben passed the test to become a member with flying colors and was soon on his way to his first “job” visiting with Alzheimer’s patients.

The work that Ben does now touches many lives and sometimes in profound ways. An elderly gentleman that had never spoken in front of the staff would wait for Ben with a biscuit and a smile. After Ben’s first few visits the staff was startled and pleased to hear the happy man talking about Ben. The gregarious border collie seems to get a lot of joy out of the visits himself. Miriam notes that he certainly enjoys the occasional sandwich the staff slips him from the trolley, but mostly he enjoys the attention. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the community. And to think that if Miriam hadn’t went to the shelter on a whim, this special dog would have never touched the hearts of so many people.

Do you have a special dog that has made a difference in your life and in others? Be sure to share your story with us!