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Funny Holiday Dog Stories

We asked our dog lovers for funny stories about their dogs that involve the holidays. Do you have a story? Share it with us

Here are some cute stories that our wonderful dog lovers submitted. We hope you enjoy them.

A Dog that Guards the Tree

I have a 10-year-old border collie mix who guards our tree. She has been doing this since she was 10 weeks old. I think she likes the lights and does not want to share with our 5-year-old black lab mix. She lays and sleeps under the tree. No presents can go under it because she thinks they are hers…maybe she wants all the presents??????? After christmas she goes back to her old spoilt self….back to her own bed……. Brenda Tully

Festive Feces

After decorating a traditional Christmas tree, came home the next day to find that my Irish Setter had eaten all the tinsel off the tree that she could reach. For the next few days picking up in the back yard was festive!

Editors Note: Ingestion of tinsel can cause life-threatening gastrointestinal obstructions. Please don’t allow your dog or cat to ingest it.

Goats and the Dog

As I was walking down the lane towards the barn with our dog Baby just as my husband was coming into the barnyard carrying our fully decorated Christmas tree from our storage place in the barn. Our five goats spotted him at the same time and all they could see was food. All five of them rushed towards Jay knocking him off his feet. The tree flew in the air and our goats started tearing into it. My husband got up with a set of lights and tinsel on his head and some of the goats were running around with lights and decorations on their horns. Baby was prancing around from Jay to me with a smile on her face. It was hilarious. I had a job getting the tree back together but it was well worth the work. June

Our Dog Ate the Garland

Here’s a funny one. This one Christmas I decided we should string popcorn for the tree. That didn’t work well, then I saw an ad in a magazine to string cranberries and dried mini marshmallows alternating them. During the first night we heard a strange noise from downstairs. When we checked we found our 8-month-old German shepherd decided to taste the fruits of our labor. After laughing for a while we decided to restring them thinking he just pulled them off the tree. But then found out he ate the marshmallows and left the cranberries. Knowing there were some left we went digging in the trashcan looking for dried marshmallows. Whew, we were lucky, we just made it. That was over 30 years ago and we still laugh about it every Christmas. Now we know not to put anything edible on the tree, at least not on the bottom. Mary Ann

Dog with a Ball Fetish

Just this past week I bought Max, our 5-year-old lab mix, a mesh bag full of red and green tennis balls that were in the holiday section at Target. As I was unpacking the shopping bags, I saw out of the corner of my eye, that Max had somehow found the bag of balls, grabbed it between his teeth and quickly rushed out the still open door with it. Once outside, he proceeded to use his paws to hold the bag and his teeth to rip the mesh bag open! He was grabbing them up left an right as red and green balls rolled out onto the patio. He is clever and obviously a ball fanatic! Ali

Baptized the Christmas Tree

When I was single I had an Airedale mix that went everywhere with me. He was very polite and never lifted his leg so I never gave any thought to taking him to a friend’s house for a Christmas party – oh, yeah – he found the Christmas tree and “baptized” it in their living room! It was really good my friends had a sense of humor because we spent most of the night laughing about it and Fred (my dog) just looked at us like we were all nuts! Linda Roundy

Sneaky Dogs

My two huskies would sneek rawhide candy canes off the christmas tree with out touching anything else on the tree. Wish I had a picture of it. Bonnie

At the time, we had only one dog, a chihuahua, and one cat. Plus a live Christmas tree that needed water several times a day on a daily basis. After three days of filling the tree basin, my daughter caught the cat drinking out of it.

What Happens if Your Pet Drinks Water From the Tree

Then the dog. We took a picture of the first culprit drinking the water alone. Then the dog. Of course they were doing this together many times during the day. My daughter made a Christmas card with the cat on the front, saying something to this effect “If you drink too much this is what happens”, and then inside the card was the picture of the dog drinking the tree water. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was very cute. Merry Christmas! Michelle

My Dog Thought the Tree was for….

I had just purchased a house, and it had a 16-foot cathedral ceiling living room. So for Christmas, I HAD to get a 16-foot tree. I struggled to get it into the house, but managed. I then went out and bought tons of decorations, and made it beautiful. As I stood back to admire it and take pictures, the dog came in, sniffed it, and lifted a leg on my gorgeous Christmas tree! I now wish I had gotten a photo of that, but I was too busy screaming at the dog. Keith M. Leonard

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