A girl takes a selfie with her soon to be Instagram-famous dog.

3 Instagram-Famous Dogs Share Their Social Media Tips

Cats, pigs, rabbits, and all sorts of pets have become celebrities on Instagram. The world of animal influencers gets more crowded every day and we spoke to three of Instagram’s top dogs to learn how they set themselves apart from the pack. Here’s what they had to say.

Tips from Instagram’s Top Dogs

@mochithecorgi (10.3k followers)

The biggest factor in success for me is engagement. I think this is something that users often overlook. Instagram is always looking at how many likes, saves, and comments your posts are getting. Engaging with others will help your posts get more views and more followers! Here are some tips to help with that:

@thatgoldendoodle (148.2k followers)

@Osito_pup_wonder (11.6k followers)

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