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3 Pet Influencers Share Their Instagram Tips

Want to make your pet Instagram-famous? You’re not alone. Animal content has come a long way since the early days of viral cat videos. Today, pets aren’t just online celebrities — many are verified influencers. They’re courting likes, building followings, and earning advertising dollars with even more skill than their human counterparts.

Social media is a dog-eat-dog (and cat-eat-cat) world that’s getting more competitive all the time. Countless would-be influencers have started accounts only to grow discouraged by disappointing engagement. One New York Times contributor even catalogued his failed attempt to make an Instagram star of his Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Max.

While hundreds of pet-centric accounts come and go, some manage to stand out from the pack and build large, devoted audiences. The PetPlace.com team reached out to three accounts that have not only stuck it out, but also engaged a wide swathe of the pet-loving community and distinguished themselves as Instagram-famous animals.

Here’s what they had to say about crafting compelling content, finding the right audience, and standing out in a crowded digital field.

Sure-Fire Instagram Tips from Pet Influencers

@chillinwithcheddar (17.3k Followers)

@baothelop (35.2k Followers)

@donuttheminipig (12.2k Followers)

Although we didn’t originally set out to make Donut Instagram famous, by the time he turned six months old (and had lived with us for four months), he was a star. He surpassed 10K followers, started consistently gaining 100-200 new followers a day, and had his photos and videos shared on countless profiles across the Internet. Here are three simple principles that have helped us create and maintain a successful pet Instagram:

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