If You Like Puppies Then You Need To Follow WeRateDogs

In November of 2015, a college freshman posted a tweet about a dog. In any other story, this would be just a daily occurrence; not in any way different from the millions of other tweets posted each day. But this tweet was different. It did something new; it rated the dog in question. With a caption that read “Here we have a Japanese Irish Setter. Lost eye in Vietnam (?). Big fan of relaxing on stair. 8/10 would pet” Matt Nelson changed the internet.

It wasn’t overnight, but with time, Nelson’s new Twitter account WeRateDogs™ (@dog_rates) grew to be a social media empire that brought a touch of niceness and civility to what can be a hostile and troubling social media climate. Today, some of Matt’s phrases and sayings can be found all over the internet and in pop culture. If you’ve ever heard someone say “h*ckin’, they’re good dogs, Brent, or 13/10 would recommend,” you have WeRateDogs™ to thank.

They’re Good Dogs, Brent

“They’re good dogs, Brent” is arguably the nicest meme on the internet. You’ve probably seen other companies use this same phrasing to bring a level of peace and resolution to arguments. Basically, the phrase means that everything’s equal and that we shouldn’t compare items or judge one thing against another. But how did this now famous saying get started?

It all started with a Twitter user named Brant and a simple tweet chain:

What started as simple tweet chain back and forth exploded into one of the most famous internet comebacks of all time. The conversation moved on with @Brant (aka Bront, Brint, or Brunt) and @dog_rates debating how “They’re good dogs, Brent” along with hundreds of others chiming in to tell @Brant why they’re all good dogs. @Brant’s main argument continued on to point out his belief that all dogs can’t be at least 10/10s. @dog_rates shot back pointing out that not every doggo had been a 10/10 with the example below:

The conversation went on and on, and the phrase “They’re good dogs, Brent” began spreading around the internet with thousands of retweets and replies. In fact, so much popularity revolved around the saying that WeRateDogs™ released their first line of merchandise with the now famous saying emblazoned across the front of t-shirts, hats, and mugs. And after a lot of pressure by his fellow Twitter-going peers even Brant had to agree that they are indeed, all good dogs, Brent.

Why They’re Good Dogs, Brent

WeRateDogs™ changed the internet forever with a simple tweet, and it’s only fair to reflect on the very real lessons that this internet phenomenon has taught its followers. While it may seem like just a funny comeback to say to someone who’s being negative, you can learn a lot from WeRateDogs™.

It’s Not About Appearances

WeRateDogs™ rates every dog, no matter its appearance, and that’s something we can all strive towards in our daily lives. Every year thousands of animals find themselves awaiting a forever home in shelters across the world, but some will have an easier time finding a new family than others.

Approximately 6.5 million pets enter U.S. shelters each year. Of those 6.5 million, 1.5 million are euthanized. Statistically, black cats, older dogs, and banned breeds are more likely to be overlooked when people are searching for a new family member. If you learn nothing else from WeRateDogs™, we ask that it’s that they’re all good dogs.

Putting Your Dog First Is Cool

Frequently, you’ll see pictures of doggos on WeRateDogs™ that show puppies in seatbelts, at the vet, or walking in the snow with boots on. While people use to see their dogs as a means of pest control or as simple yard dogs, the majority of pet owners now see their pets as members of the family. WeRateDogs™ is a big proponent of safety and pet care. You won’t see pictures of dogs or puppies in dangerous situations for internet fame on the WeRateDogs™ page because above all else, founder Matt Nelson believes in doing everything for the good of dogs.

With constant praise for “safety first puppers” and for pups whose owners take them in for specialty care or vet appointments, WeRateDogs™ has shown that being a responsible dog owner is cool.

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