outdoor dog safety

Outdoor Dog Safety 101: Keeping Your Pup Safe in Nature

The outdoors have the potential to be a dangerous place for dogs. There are different reasons for dogs to be outside based on their lifestyle and interactions with their owners. The amount of time and reasons to be outside can be directly proportional to the risk of problems.

Variables that impact a dog’s exposure to outdoor dangers include:

Outdoor Safety Dangers in Dogs

The risk of outdoor dangers for dogs is not only impacted by the amount of time your dog is outside but also on your location in the country, the activity level of your dog, the environmental temperature, the freedom of your dog (fenced in yard vs. allowed to roam), the activity your dog is participating in, and his overall health, nutrition and medical care.

Below are possible outdoor threats to dogs:

Outdoor Safety Dangers Tips for Dogs

The following are suggestions to protect your outdoor dog from common dangers.

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