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7 Tips for Getting Your Dog to Like Your Boyfriend

Balancing the most important relationships in our lives can often be a bit hectic. Whether your parents like him is one thing, but if your dog and your boyfriend don’t get along it can make the relationship rocky. Here are some tips for making the perfect introduction and fostering a dog-boyfriend bond that will last as long as he does.

1. Choose Wisely

Let’s face it. There are dog people, dog tolerant people and dog despisers. Making an educated choice in your significant other will involve an endless number of variables. However, if you’re a dog person and he isn’t, the likelihood that things will workout without hesitation is probably a bit far fetched.

2. Baby Steps

No matter how you cut it, having a boyfriend is going to cut in on the quality time you once spent with your pooch. While some relationships may spark an instant connection, being conscious of the necessity to remain a devoted dog mom will go a long way. Dogs can be quite perceptive, so when your new boyfriend comes over and takes you away from Fido for extended periods of time, he’s not making friends fast. It’s a good idea to tailor your new dating itinerary to maintain the schedule your dog is used to, gradually working up to extended away periods if needed.

3. Honesty is the Best Policy

There are times when too much information can send a potential boyfriend running. Talking about past relationships is certainly off limits, but your pet companion is not only a great conversation starter, but a good idea for letting Mr. Right get prepared to share your attention.

4. Know Your Dog

Each dog personality is a bit different and each will handle a major life change, like the addition of your new boyfriend, in their own special way. For example, skittish dogs that don’t typically enjoy visitors, will require a slow and steady introduction plan that might even take weeks to months before they are comfortable with one another. Other happy go lucky pooches will bond to anyone that has a pulse. These dogs require far less planning and perhaps even a single meeting will establish a strong bond. In most cases, the typical dog-boyfriend introduction period will fall somewhere in between these extremes.

5. The Way to the Heart

For many dogs, the way to their heart appears to lie in their stomach. If your pooch is treat responsive and loves special treats or toys, this is a great tactic for bonding your boyfriend and pup. A can of special treats close to the door, or even in the most cooperative boyfriend’s car, is a great idea. Each time your new love interest comes to visit, Fido gets a special treat and presto, boyfriend visits are now a super exciting event.

6. Making Magic Happen

If you’re looking to make them inseparable, here’s a foolproof plan. Incorporate your dog as an integral part of date night. Taking Fido and your new man to the lake for a picnic, going for a hike together and even brief games of Frisbee are great ways to interact with these two. In the process of spending quality time with your favorites, they’ll be forming a bond that lasts and lasts.

7. Take Advantage of a Girls’ Night Out

While time together is great, there’s nothing like one on one time for your boyfriend and pooch to truly bond. So the next time a girls’ night out presents itself, take the opportunity to leave and have your guy come over to keep your pup company.

These seven steps are great ways to ensure you’ll never hear the ultimatum, “It’s me or the dog”. However dogs are consistently considered good judges of character so if Rover refuses to play nice, pay attention.