A woman winces at her puppy's bad breath.

What Causes Bad Breath in Puppies?

Bad breath is one of the most common symptoms in dogs and is a very familiar complaint from pet owners. It most often occurs in adult or senior dogs, but puppies can get bad breath too! Learn more about bad breath in older dogs in our articles on the Causes of Bad Breath in Dogs and Why Some Dogs’ Breath Smells like Fish.

Below, we will review common causes of bad breath in puppies, how to stop bad breath, and review products you can use to make your puppy’s bad breath better.

Why Do Puppies Get Bad Breath?

Below are 8 possible causes of bad breath in puppies:

If you suspect your puppy has any of the issues identified above, is not eating, vomiting, appears lethargic, is coughing, and/or appears to have pain around the mouth, please see your veterinarian as soon as possible. Your vet can help you evaluate your puppy for abnormalities that can cause bad breath.

How to Stop Bad Breath in Puppies

Below are a few simple tips to help stop bad breath in puppies:

We hope this article provides you with more information on bad breath in puppies and offers some home remedies for bad breath.