A Healthy Dog from Head to Tail

Ollie offers better ingredients and better health for your dog.
Ollie offers better ingredients and better health for your dog.

Table of Contents:

  1. Better Ingredients
  2. Better Health
  3. Healthy Dog Food without the Headache

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We all eat junk food from time to time. It’s cheap, it’s convenient, and it offers some much-needed comfort in stressful times like these. In excess, however, cheap and easy food has its consequences. From short-term side effects like sluggishness to chronic illnesses like diabetes, an unhealthy diet wreaks havoc on the body. That’s why most of us do our best to get the right mix of nutrients.

But what about our dogs? An unhealthy diet can leave them suffering, too — and they can’t go to the doctor or nutritionist to do something about it. It’s up to dog lovers like us to help our best friends realize the transformative benefits of a better diet.

Ollie can help. They make it easy for anyone to serve up vet-approved foods without sweating over a stove or even heading out to the pet store.

Better Ingredients

Many dog food labels look like messages from an alien planet. Strange acronyms and unpronounceable words far outnumber recognizable ingredients. Preservatives and other artificial additives help dog food manufacturers save money, but they’re not doing your dog any good. More often, they’re doing the exact opposite.

Even many premium brands don’t live up to their price tags. Their cooking process often produces by-products that can lead to inflammation and, potentially, a host of additional health issues. That’s not to mention the harmful ingredients that can accidentally find their way into premium dog food. We’ve already seen several product recalls this year and can probably expect several more.

This little guy can’t wait to dive in!

Ollie knows that a balanced diet doesn’t start with preservatives like butylated hydroxytoluene or empty fillers like corn gluten meal. All four Ollie recipes are carefully crafted from all-natural ingredients. Take a look at the label and you’ll see protein-rich beef and chicken, as well as fresh vegetables and superfoods like chia seeds. Ollie stays fresh even without artificial preservatives, but you probably won’t be keeping it in the fridge for long. That’s because Ollie is full of tasty, nutrient-rich ingredients that dogs love like beef hearts, kidney, and liver. The folks at Ollie put as much thought into their food’s great taste as they put into its nutritional value!

Better Health

A great diet doesn’t just help your dog maintain a healthy weight. Ollie’s recipes have a wealth of benefits that you can see. A shinier coat, reduced allergies, better breath, more regular digestion, and improvements to nearly every aspect of your pup’s health are all possible with better nutrition.

Best of all, Ollie’s all-natural ingredients can help keep your dog active by improving their energy levels. That means hours and hours of play, even under stay-at-home orders. Check out Ollie’s site for yourself to see what other pet parents love about their products.

Ollie is committed to improving the lives of dogs everywhere. For every meal purchased, the company donates a portion of its revenue to one of many partnering rescue organizations. By choosing Ollie, you’re not just helping your dog live a healthier life, but helping a dog in need live a happier one.

A healthy dog is a happy dog.
The look of anticipation.

Healthy Dog Food without the Headache

Your dog isn’t the only one who’ll love Ollie foods. While they’ll appreciate the great taste and balanced blend of nutrients, you’ll appreciate the convenience and affordability. With Ollie, there’s no more rushing out to the pet store, waiting in line, or carting around heavy bags. There’s no more stressing over portion sizes either. Ollie tailors every meal plan to your dog’s weight, breed, age, and activity level.

You’ve got more than enough on your plate. Sign up for an Ollie subscription today to treat yourself and your dog.

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Content Sponsored by Ollie Pets Inc.

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