GREAT Names for Female and Male Dogs

Dog names can be fun. How about names based on if a dog is male or if a dog is female?

I'm always interested to learn how dogs got their names, especially those dogs with really unique names. You just know there's got to be a great story behind those names, but even the "ordinary" dogs often have a story.

I recently saw a dog named Nine, and I thought it was a very interesting name. The technician and I wondered how this little 15-pound mutt got his name. Was it because he was the ninth dog? Was he found on the 9th day of the month?

We really wanted to know this little guy's story, so we asked. Interestingly, when he was a pup he had a black marking on the side of his white coat that resembled the number nine. As he aged, the unusual marking took on a somewhat different look, but with a little imagination you can see it. I thought that was a very cool story.

Many people want their dog's name to reflect whether the dog is a male or a female. We have tons of name ideas based on personality, breed and even hair color but we never had lists of names based on a dog's sex. Now we do.

Check out these cool Male Dog Names and Female Dog Names.