A Golden Retriever takes a nap before the Hanukkah festivities kick off.

The 8 Pets of Hanukkah

Hanukkah starts tonight and these four-legged critters are ready for eight nights of holiday fun.

8 Hanukkah-Themed Instagram Pet Posts


Winnie is geared up to celebrate the Festival of Lights with her collection of holiday toys.


Another Hanukkah-loving hound, Gaston the French Bulldog is dressed for a roaring good time in his festive bandana.


Hanukkah is here and Maya’s itching to light the menorah and celebrate.


Ranger is ready to roll with his favorite festive toy, a fuzzy dreidel.


How much does Freddie love Hanukkah? A whole latke!


Spooki’s excited for gifts, treats, and a purrfect eight nights of Hanukkah festivities.


Leroy and Luna can’t enjoy chocolate gelt, but they’re eager to dig into some dog-safe Hanukkah treats.


Poppy has the perfect Hanukkah gift for her followers and all of Instagram’s dog lovers — this adorable snapshot.

More Festive Pets on Instagram

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