The Ultimate Guide to the Best and Safest Halloween Costumes for Pets

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Halloween has different meanings for different people. For some, it means the rush of scaring individuals with elaborate decorations. For others, it's indulging in a horror movie marathon; for many more, it's a chance to eat enormous amounts of fun-sized candy.

Regardless of your main reason, people usually agree that getting dressed up is the best part of Halloween! We've all waited to hear reactions to our costumes or witnessed the streets littered with cute trick-or-treaters shuffling from home to home with their collection of goodies. But what about your furry companion? Are they ready to steal the show? From small accessories to complete outfits, this year, we found the best Halloween costumes for pets.

Pet Safety for Halloween Costumes

Not every pet enjoys wearing costumes for Halloween or at any time throughout the year. So, we're not advocating for all pets to wear costumes. It's best if you understand your pet's temperament and personality. If they show distress while wearing one, take it off immediately. If they are fans of them, follow these tips to pick a pet-friendly costume and keep them safe while wearing it.

Make Sure Your Pet Can See and Move

Avoid costumes that will cover your pet's eyes or limit their vision. It can be frustrating to have your eyesight affected for an extended period, not to mention dangerous if you can't see where you're going.

Also, stay away from costumes that restrict your pet’s movement. They should be able to walk, bark, meow, and hear without any issues.

Avoid Costumes with Small Pieces

You don't want to make an unexpected trip to the vet! Some costumes might come with little pieces like beads that your dog or cat can chew off and potentially swallow, creating a dangerous situation.

Don't Leave Your Cat or Dog Unsupervised

Even if they initially like the costume, they might get uncomfortable wearing it. Always monitor them when they are wearing an outfit, so you can take it off if anything does occur.

Don't Take Off Your Pet’s ID Tag

Their collar and ID tag might not match the costume, but they’re the most essential accessory, especially on Halloween. The Halloween hype can be unfamiliar to pets, causing them to escape and run away. Fear of strangers in costumes, constant doorbell rings, and loud knocking can be scary for your furry companion.

Register Your Pet’s Microchip

If you haven't already microchipped your pet, you should. It's a simple procedure that can help protect your dog or cat. Unlike an ID tag, a microchip is permanent, but it's only as helpful as the information tied to it. Ensure your contact details connected to the microchip are accurate and always up to date. If your pet is found, companies will need to know how and where to reach you. Register their microchip and double-check that your personal details are up to date.

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How Much Do Pet Costumes Cost?

Halloween costumes for pets can cost anywhere from 5 to 40 dollars before taxes and shipping. However, the cost can depend on how elaborate the costume is. For example, if your pet's costume is only a hat, it will cost less than getting an entire outfit. All the costumes we'll show you range between 5 and 40 dollars, so you have options that won't break the bank.

The Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Your Local UPS Delivery Driver

We love costumes that make dogs look like they're standing, because it makes them look so much like people. Plus, everyone loves UPS drivers, because they bring us "gifts" we forgot we paid for.

Dog Wig

A dog in a wig is simple yet funny, and just as effective as a complete outfit without having to wear one.

Freddy Krueger

If you're looking for a spooky costume, turn your pet into Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. I bet you hope he doesn't enter your dreams.


"Who you gonna call?" Introducing the latest Ghostbuster! If anyone can track down a ghost, it's your dog with their super senses.


Even if you ditched the outfit and only used the ears, everyone will recognize your dog's costume because Shrek is a household name!

The Best Halloween Costumes for Cats

Bat Wings

Bat wings are a simple but festive costume that's easy to wear and won't restrict your cat's movement.


Let your feline channel their inner wild cat with this mane. It's another great alternative if your pet hates wearing clothes but doesn't mind something on their head. Just don't start yelling "Simba!" at them.


Halloween costumes for pets don't have to be complicated. Pumpkins are classic, and your cat will appreciate its simplicity.


Active at night, deceiving, and suspicious of people? Cats and vampires are frighteningly similar, so they might as well be one.

Paw-Bucks Barista

Serving up paw-pucinos and fur balls! Dress your cat as a barista from that popular coffee shop humans and pups love.

There are so many fantastic ideas that you and your pet can enjoy, made even better by the $25 Petco coupon you get with a Lifetime Protection Membership from 24Petwatch.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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