6 Ways to Change a Pet’s Life Any Day of the Year

6 Ways to Change a Pet’s Life Any Day of the Year

A young woman holds the cat she just adopted.A young woman holds the cat she just adopted.
A young woman holds the cat she just adopted.A young woman holds the cat she just adopted.

Change a Pet’s Life Day comes just once a year (January 24th), but it’s never a bad idea to make a difference in the lives of dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other pets. Here are some suggestions from the team at PetPlace.

Adopt a Dog or Cat

Bringing home a pet won’t just change a dog or cat’s life, it could change yours as well. Pets aren’t just an affectionate addition to a home, they can bring about tangible health benefits. In addition to alleviating stress, animal companionship can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. You might say that pets are good for the heart in both a literal and metaphorical sense.

Adoptions have surged throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In some areas, prospective pet parents are so eager that they’ve caused shortages. Check out our guide to shelters and adoption centers around the country to learn more about animals available in your area, as well as any new social distancing protocols.

Foster a Pet

Not sure if you’re ready for the responsibilities of pet ownership? You can make a difference in the lives of pets and shelter employees alike by fostering a dog or cat. Fostering programs typically involve briefly caring for pets who aren’t yet ready for adoption or would otherwise be rejected from shelters. Foster pets will be glad to spend time outside of a crowded shelter and you just might realize that you’re perfectly suited to caring for dogs and cats.

Sponsor a Pet

If your house or lifestyle isn’t conducive to caring for pets, you may be able to sponsor a dog, cat, or other animal at your local shelter. A small sponsorship donation can cover the costs of everyday necessities or the adoption fees for another pet lover. You may even be able to check in with “your pet” through photos and videos.

Volunteer Your Time

Animal shelters and sanctuaries are almost always ready to accept a helping hand from pet lovers. Call your local shelter or visit their website to learn more about lending your services for walks, playtime, or everyday care. Even just stopping by to say hello can go a long way in getting pets socialized in preparation to meet their new families.

Watch the hard-working folks at the Delaware Humane Association at work and learn more about the benefits of bringing home a pet.


If you’ve got the means, consider supporting shelters or animal advocacy organizations with a charitable donation. Depending on where you send them, these funds could help give animals a voice or ensure pet-friendly institutions are stocked with food and other necessities. Every little bit helps.

Spread the Word

Have a pet-focused cause you’re passionate about or an organization you’re keen on supporting? Tell your friends, family, and social media followers about them! Spreading the word about animal-friendly initiatives ensures that pets and pet lovers everywhere have all the support they need.

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