The Impact of Lost Pet Recovery Services

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Most pet parents are a lot alike. Their focus is always on loving and providing the best for their furry companion.

Whether you’re new to caring for a pet or have some experience, you probably share the same concerns. Questions often come up around engaging toys, nourishing diets, stimulation, and even the role of pet insurance.

Over time, the answers to these questions have evolved with technology and new research. Toys are more intellectually challenging, pet food is arguably more nutritious, exercise variety has increased, and the breadth of pet insurance options allows for tailored coverage. These are all fantastic improvements. But pet parents often overlook the impact of lost pet recovery. It’s one of the most crucial forms of protection you’ll need.

The sheer thought of a furry friend going missing can be frightening, making lost pet discussions a bit of a taboo topic. However, responsible pet parents should always be prepared and consider all scenarios. A pet going missing is not uncommon. A door slightly ajar or an unlatched gate can lead to a wandering pet. A research study on lost pet rates found that approximately 15% of dogs and cats are likely to go missing at least once in five years.

So, what can you do as a pet parent? A vital first step is to microchip your pet. Did you know that microchipped dogs are twice as likely to make their way home, and cats are ten times as likely? Yet, according to 24Pet data, only 20-30% of dogs and cats are microchipped across the US. If they aren’t already, getting your pet microchipped is easy and painless and can be done through your vet.

Combining a microchip with the strength of lost pet recovery services can provide the ultimate in pet protection and the support you need. In 2023, 24Petwatch reunited a pet with their loving family once every 15 minutes. As experts in lost pet recovery, they want to make the world a better place for pets and those who love them. Their recovery experts are available 24/7, can start the process of finding your pet, and even connect you with whomever finds your pet. They can be the difference between lost and found.

Last year, we told more than 42,000 stories of successful reunites — 36% more grateful pet parents and furry companions than in 2022. Here’s a video with some of the happy, relieved, reunited pets. For more information about Pet Protection Services, contact a 24Petwatch Lost Pet Recovery Specialist today at 1-866-597-2424.

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