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If you’re a pet professional, pet blogger, or just a pet lover, PetPlace may be interested in sharing your thoughts, insights, recommendations, and reflections with our readers.

What’s in It for You?

A new audience:
Over more than 15 years, PetPlace has developed a vast audience among pet enthusiasts and industry experts. Our blog reaches nearly 1,000,000 unique visitors each month, our newsletters have more than 400,000 combined subscribers, and we’ve built a sizable following across all major social media platforms.

Promotion for you and your site:
Guest writers are welcome to include links back to their own sites or social media profiles within the bodies of their submissions. The editorial team will select one as a “dofollow” link and may promote guest submissions to PetPlace’s newsletter subscribers and/or social media followers.

Tips from the PetPlace Team

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Be conversational:
Even veterinary students get tired of sifting through textbooks! PetPlace’s content should be accessible to all readers from the first-time pet owner to the seasoned expert.

Get creative:
Take a look around the PetPlace library and you’ll see that our writers have published a lot of content over the years. That doesn’t mean they’ve covered everything. PetPlace is always interested in articles that find novel ways to explore evergreen subjects. Feel free to submit a number of ideas for the editorial team to review.

Avoid controversy:
PetPlace is committed to covering a range of topics and perspectives. In general, however, the editorial staff avoids publishing opinion-based pieces related to controversial subjects. For example, PetPlace is more likely to accept an article about the merits of obedience training than one championing shock collars or discouraging routine vaccinations. If you’re interested in exploring a topic that may “ruffle some feathers,” take care to remain as objective as possible in your writing.

Editorial Guidelines

Guest writers are encouraged to submit articles between 650 and 2,000 words in length. Brief author biographies and high-quality headshots are encouraged, but not required.

All submissions must be entirely original work published exclusively on PetPlace.

The PetPlace editorial staff reserves the right to make any edits they deem necessary to any work submitted by guest writers. Authors may or may not be informed of edits prior to publication.

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