Top 10 Cat Stories of 2008

These are wonderful stories and anecdotes about pets that have touched our hearts or made us laugh during 2008. We hope you enjoy them too.

The Top 10 Cat Stories of 2008 are:

# 10. Why Cats are Better Than Kids. – A cute list of some of the reasons we love cats so much.

#9. Questions that Puzzle Cats. – Some unique thoughts on what may “confuse” cats.

# 8. Story to be Posted Low on the Refrigerator. – A note from pet owners to pets. Very cute.

# 7. 15 Signs Your Cat is a Furry Child – Is your pet a furry child. Now you’ll know.

#6. Dogs Vs. Cats. Change the Lightbulb. – A very cute story of how cats think!

#5. A Pet Lovers Letter to their Dog and Cat. – Just so there is no confusion – a pet lover sends some rules to the pets.

#4. Very funny: Instructions for Giving your Cat a Pill. – If you have ever tried to pill a cat – you will appreciate this one.

#3. Top Peeves Cats Have with Their Owners. – What we believe people do to annoy cats.

#2. Very Funny Pet Diaries. – A diary of a dog vs. Cat. This really shows you the difference in how dogs and cats think!

And finally…

#1. Cat Blog. I’m not sassy or Finicky. I’m Sammy. – A diary of a cat on a diet. Adorable!

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