A lazy, light-colored cat lying on its stomach.

Name Ideas for Your Laidback or Lazy Cat

Looking for a name for a laidback or lazy cat? Some cats are sassy. Some cats are timid. Some cats have that laissez faire attitude. The laidback cat lets you pet them, pick them up, dress them up, and simply, has no cares in the world – livin’ one happy cat life.

Sometimes, it is easy to have that attitude, but a cat still cares about their name. To find a perfect name for your laidback cat, we’ve put a list of ideas together for you.

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List of Names for Your Laidback Cat

Here is an alphabetical list of names that relate to relaxation, laidback atmospheres, and carefree living:

  1. Airy
  2. Allay
  3. Aloof
  4. Apnea
  5. Beans
  6. Betty
  7. Bobby
  8. Breezy
  9. Bubba
  10. Buford
  11. Bum
  12. Butter
  13. Butterbean
  14. Caesura
  15. Chill
  16. Chillin’
  17. Chilly
  18. Dally
  19. Dawdle
  20. Decaf
  21. Dozer
  22. Dreamy
  23. Easy
  24. Flex
  25. George
  26. Hammock
  27. Holiday
  28. Idle
  29. Jaunty
  30. Lacuna
  31. Lax
  32. Laze
  33. Liberty
  34. Lol
  35. Lounge
  36. Lull
  37. Mac
  38. Marshmallow
  39. Mellow
  40. Mild
  41. Mosey
  42. Napper
  43. Piddle
  44. Recess
  45. Serene
  46. Shabby
  47. Siesta
  48. Simmer
  49. Slack
  50. Sloth
  51. Slug
  52. Snoozer
  53. Softie
  54. Solace
  55. Stretch
  56. Stroll
  57. Taper
  58. Toddle
  59. Vacay
  60. Wane
  61. Weekend

More Great Cat Name Ideas

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