Tips on Questions to Ask when Adopting a Shelter Cat

Last week Dr. Debra wrote a tip about what you should consider in a shelter before adopting. He focused on what to look for in the shelter.

Today, he’d like to give you some tips on what to look for or ask about when looking at the pets. When looking at a shelter cat, consider this:

1. What is the cat’s background? Most shelters try to provide some background information on animals that come in. Was this animal in a home? If so, what were the problems? Has the cat been around other pets? Has the cat been around kids?

2. If there is a knowledgeable shelter manager, what is their opinion on that particular cat? Do they believe it will meet your needs? Do they have any concerns about the match?

3. Are health records available on the cat? Have there been any medical issues with the cat? Is the cat on any medications? When did this cat get his or her shots? When was it spayed or neutered? When are the next shots due?

4. Does the cat appear healthy? Is he bright and alert? Is his food bowl empty or full? Does he have water available? Toys? Is he clean and dry? Is there any evidence of diarrhea on his bottom? Is he playful?