A cat in a Halloween costume.

Halloween Safety for Your Pet

Who doesn’t love picking the perfect Halloween costume and handing out sweets to all the cute little trick ‘r treaters? You may even find an adorable pet outfit for your furry little pal to wear and join in on the celebration.

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday and sharing that fun with your pet makes it even better. However, there are some Halloween-related dangers that you need to be aware as a pet parent.

To help you celebrate the holiday without stress, we created a helpful list of dangers to avoid on All Hallows Eve.

Candy Is for Kids, Not Pets

We can’t stress this enough. As tempting as it may be to share human food with your pet, it’s strongly advised that you don’t. Especially candy.

All forms of chocolate can be dangerous, even lethal for dogs and cats. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning may include vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and seizures. Halloween candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can also be poisonous to dogs. Even small amounts of xylitol can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar, subsequent loss of coordination, and seizures. While xylitol toxicity in cats has yet to be established, it’s always best to play it safe.

If you absolutely can’t help yourself, give your pet boneless, unseasoned, cooked meat or vegetables as a treat instead of sweets.

Avoid Leaving Your Pets Outside on Halloween Night

The chances that something happens to your pet while they’re outside on Halloween night are extremely rare. However, Halloween is a high traffic night, and some pranksters might think it’s funny to tease, injure, or steal a pet. Keep an eye on your pets if they’re outside on Halloween and don’t let them stay out too long.

For owners with outdoor cats, leave them inside several days before and after Halloween. Black cats are especially at risk during the Halloween season. In fact, many shelters do not put black cats up for adoption during the month of October as a safety precaution.

Regardless of the time of the year, it’s always smart to microchip your pet in the event that they get out.

Keep Pets Confined and Away From the Front Door

Having tons of strangers knock on your door and ring your bell might bother your pet. If your dog gets too excited by the visitors, they may feel defensive and bark or nip at your little costumed guests. For the well-being of both your animal and the local children, it’s best to keep your pets confined away from the front door. The constant opening and closing of the door may also present a situation where you pet darts through the opening without you noticing. Nothing will spoil your Halloween night more than spending it looking for a runaway cat or dog.

Practice Pumpkin Safety

Although they are relatively nontoxic, pumpkins can cause health issues if licked or ingested in large quantities. Pets get accustomed to the foods they commonly eat and can suffer gastrointestinal distress if they’re introduced to new foods too quickly and in large amounts.

Also, be careful with lit jack-o’-lanterns. Cats and dogs will be drawn to the flame, resulting in a painful burn or damaged properly. Dressing up as a firefighter for Halloween is awesome. Having to call real fireman to put out a fire that Mr. Kitty accidently started… not so much.

Make Sure Your Pet’s Halloween Costume Is Comfortable

Few things are cuter, or more popular on social media, than your pet wearing a costume. This is never truer than on Halloween, where you’ll find little skeleton suits for cats and superhero capes for dogs. However, not all costumes are manufactured with your pet’s comfort in mind. Some may be uncomfortable and cause irritation.

Here’s a few tips to keep pets comfortable and happy in their costumes:

  1. Purchase a few different costumes and let your pet pick the best one. You’ll know right away whether or not your pet hates the costume. Try a few out and return the ones your pet doesn’t dig.
  2. If none of the costumes are approved by your furry little friend, then quickly take your much-desired and hugely cute picture and remove the costume. You don’t want your pet to be in agony all night just because they look cute.

Happy Halloween from PetPlace

If you keep your pet’s comfort and safety in mind, you’ll both have an amazing Halloween!