Beagles are one of the most affectionate dog breeds.

20 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds (for Winter Snuggles)

Winter is always a wonderful season to spend with your pet. Yes, the outdoor activities offered by the warmer months are fantastic, but there’s nothing better than curling up and getting cozy with a pooch to chase away the cold-weather blues.

Not all breeds are fans of cuddles, but these affectionate doggos are perfect to accompany the chilly days ahead.

Small Breed Dogs


One of America’s favorite hound breeds, the diminutive Beagle packs a lot of love and energy, making them a delightful choice for families with children. Charming personality, coupled with canine smarts, means a perfect “new pup tricks” partner.

Boston Terrier

Dubbed “the American Gentleman,” the Boston Terrier is a mild mannered, non-sporting breed with characteristic black-and-white tuxedo markings. Friendly and intelligent with medium energy, they are a lovely companion for all ages.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel embodies a regal grace and beauty that explains their long-running connection to British royalty. Their sweet gaze and silky hair may give them aristocratic airs, however, they are perfectly happy and capable athletes or couch potatoes to match the moods of their owners.


One of the smallest breeds (with an average weight of 6 lbs.), the Chihuahua may be miniature in size, but they’ve got a big personality. Playful, loveable, and most loyal to their family, this adorable doggo with a spunky attitude is all heart.


Boasting silky, long, gorgeous hair, the non-shedding Havanese is friendly, affectionate, and gentle, making them the perfect lap dog. Their sweet, eager-to-please nature, coupled with high intelligence, makes them easy to train and an all-around outstanding companion.


White, floor-trailing fur and doleful eyes are the irresistible Maltese traits that date back centuries to the royal courts. Despite their posh appearance, they are playful, yet gentle, and make surprisingly good watch dogs, ready to sound a warning bark at strangers.


A happy, outgoing, fun little dog with exceptional trademark ears, the Papillon, meaning “butterfly” in French, is a delightful breed that loves being around people. Mild mannered and easy to train, they make a wonderful play and cuddle companion.


Believed to have been bred for life as lap dogs in Chinese palaces, the regal Pekingese is full of affection, but with calm, low-key energy, making them an easy choice for those looking for constant companionship.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The distinguishing physical feature that sets the Pembroke Welsh Corgi apart from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a very short, docked tail. Nicknamed “the Royal Dog of England,” they have been adored by generations of the British, from Queen Elizabeth II down to her subjects, for devotion to their owners and tolerant temperament.


The favorite breed of Queen Victoria, the Pomeranian originates from European herding Spitz dogs. Lively and not shy about their affection for their pet parents, this tiny, portable breed thrives in both city and suburban settings.


The largest of the toy breeds, the Pug has an unforgettable wrinkly face with prominent eyes and curly tail. Originally from China, but brought west to the Netherlands in 1688, this ever-popular breed is known for a laid back, easy-going personality.

Medium to Large Breed Dogs

Alaskan Malamute

Powerfully built for hauling heavy loads across hundreds of miles of hazardous terrain, the hardworking Alaskan Malamute is also a devoted, affectionate family dog. Built for endurance, they enjoy outdoor activities and, despite their imposing stature, they are too friendly to make good guard dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Hailing from the Swiss Alps, the Bernese Mountain Dog was bred for farm life, specifically hauling heavy carts to the market. They are very social and always up for playing with children and other dogs, but also display a protective tendency, making them an excellent family pet.

Border Collie

Noted as one of the world’s best herding dogs, the Border Collie is highly intelligent and very hard working. This medium-sized breed requires activities to keep them busy throughout the day, however, they are content to cuddle when the sun goes down.

German Shepherd

Extremely intelligent, with an eager-to-please personality, the German Shepherd is a preferred breed for law enforcement, the military, and the disabled. Easily trained for labor, they are loyal and affectionate, as well as at the top of the list for families and children.

Golden Retriever

Adored for their lovely disposition and playful nature, the Golden Retriever is one of the most treasured family dogs around the world. Loyal and easily trained, they are also superb working dogs, providing service to the blind and disabled, as well as acting as tracking and scent specialists.

Irish Wolfhound

Tallest of the hound breed, the Irish Wolfhound originated in Ireland, and were known for hunting their ancestral kin. They exemplify gentleness and loyalty to their owners, making them an incredible companion and family pet. Just be sure to have enough room for this large, but gentle, beauty.

Old English Mastiff

An ancient breed dating back to the first millennium BC, and one of the first dogs brought to America in the Mayflower, the Old English Mastiff is known for its noble and sweet personality. Their jaw-dropping physical prowess (reaching over 200 lbs. in weight) allowed them to work as guard dogs, and they even pulled munition carts during both World Wars. Nowadays, these kindly, low-energy giants are happy just to lie around with their families.

Old English Sheepdog

Check under all that famous Old English Sheepdog shaggy hair and you will find a nimble athlete with smarts and courage, which is typical of the herding breeds. Naturally great with children, they are energetic, watchful, and protective, making them a delightful playmate and snuggle buddy.

Standard Schnauzer

Easily recognized for their salt-and-pepper coat and dapper mustache, the handsome Standard Schnauzer is a working breed that dates back to the Middle Ages. Their cheerful, lively personality and intelligence make them a joy to be around and a terrific pet for homes with active children.