Where's Whiskers and Winston? The Ultimate Pet Lovers' Contest

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Oh, no! Whiskers and Winston are lost. This lovable duo needs help reuniting with their family. Find them for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card.

Are you ready for a fun pet-loving quest? Based on the classic hidden object game, Where's Whiskers and Winston involves searching for two lost pets as they embark on new adventures in various cities across the US and Canada. Each week, the pair will be at new locations waiting to be found.

Do you think you have what it takes? Play now.

Participating in this contest is about more than winning a prize. It's about making a difference in lost pets' and parents' lives. By playing and spreading awareness, you're contributing to the critical cause of responsible pet ownership and lost pet recovery. So, join us in this exciting quest, and let's make every adventure count!

A Few Tips for Lost Pet Protection

While Winston and Whiskers are on adventures, lost pets are out there, yearning to find their way home. Almost 1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime. It's not an uncommon issue for new and experienced pet parents alike. However, there are a few methods to increase the chance of a happy reunion if your pet gets lost.

Get a Lost Pet Protection Membership

In 2023, 24Petwatch reunited a staggering 42,000 pets. Enrolling in this program gives you 24/7 access to a lost pet recovery specialist who can quickly help you find your pet. Find out more about the benefits of lost pet protection.

Microchip your Pet

Dogs who are microchipped are twice as likely to be reunited with their families. Meanwhile, cats are over 10 times more likely. Unfortunately, in the US, only 20-30% of these pets are microchipped. It’s safe, easy, and painless for your pet. If you get your dog or cat microchipped, ensure the contact information is up to date, so you can be contacted if your pet goes missing.

Order a ByteTag

It’s the safest and most advanced pet tag on the market. The ByteTag is a QR code tag that features GPS notifications, holds unlimited information, and offers secure privacy controls.

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