Labrador Retriever Dog Names: Cool Names for Labrador Retriever Breed Dogs

Labrador Retriever Dog Names: Cool Names for Labrador Retriever Breed Dogs

labrador retriever dog nameslabrador retriever dog names
labrador retriever dog nameslabrador retriever dog names

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Are you looking for that perfect dog name that just fits your Labrador Retriever? Naming a dog can be difficult.

We have gotten several emails from wonderful and dedicated Labrador Retriever owners over the years asking for their own article on Labrador Retriever name suggestions! Here are some suggestions from them!

We hope this list of Labrador Retriever names gives you an idea on naming your pup. Do you have a good Labrador Retriever name suggestion? Email us your dog name ideas and we will try to add them to our Labrador Retriever name list!

  •         Abbey
  •         Ammo
  •         Apollo
  •         Autumn
  •         Bailey – Bailey’s Irish Cream
  •         Bam Bamm –the sound he made going thru the screen door as a pup
  •         Barney
  •         Bastian – from “The Neve rEnding Story”
  •         Beaux
  •         Beck (for David Beckman)
  •         Bella
  •         Bentley ( like the car)
  •         Biscotti
  •         Biscuit
  •         Blasie
  •         Bodie
  •         Bruiser
  •         Cabo ( Cabo San Lucas)
  •         Casey
  •         Cadbury
  •         Cadeau (which is the french word for gift)
  •         Candy
  •         Carob (because she wasn’t a real “Chocolate”)
  •         Chamois
  •         Chase
  •         Chip – chocolate chip
  •         Cleo
  •         Codi
  •         Cody
  •         Cooder Blue : Ry Cooder. blues musician
  •         Cookie
  •         Cooper
  •         Corona
  •         Cowboy
  •         Crickett
  •         Crockett – Miami Vice
  •         Crockett – from a character in John Wayne’s The Alamo
  •         DaKota
  •         Daisy
  •         Darius
  •         Dash
  •         Dudley
  •         Ellie
  •         Elvis
  •         Emily
  •         Fern
  •         Fey
  •         Fidget- We named our yellow lab. When she was a puppy she didn’t want to sit still. She was fidgeting while she liked to cuddle.
  •         Fischer
  •         Flower
  •         GatorBoy – because he’s moaned like a gator
  •         General (General Ulysses Grant)
  •         Gracie
  •         Griffey
  •         Gunner – (the hunter)
  •         Gypsy
  •         Heath
  •         Heff – for Hugh Heffner! At the park He would go after the youngest female dog he could find and would not leave her alone.
  •         Hendrix
  •         Henry
  •         Holly
  •         Hoss
  •         Hunter
  •         Jake
  •         Jardis
  •         Jersey – from the bowling term “Jersey
  •         Jess
  •         Juno
  •         Kabota (like a big tractor)
  •         Kani – for Cani wine
  •         Karla
  •         Katie
  •         Kayla
  •         Kilo (narcotics dog)
  •         Kindle
  •         Kiwi
  •         Kleo
  •         Knut (canute)
  •         Kody
  •         Labacious
  •         Labadore
  •         Labagranate
  •         Labano
  •         Labbie
  •         Labby
  •         Labello
  •         Lady Godiva
  •         Lambert – named after Pittsburgh Steeler, Lambert number “58”.
  •         Lexus
  •         Loki
  •         Loki
  •         Lu-Lu
  •         Luke
  •         Magic
  •         Maverick (We chose it because of the movie Top Gun)
  •         Max
  •         Maya
  •         Mocha
  •         Molly Brown
  •         Moose
  •         Mousse/Moose


  •         Nemo
  •         Nero
  •         Netsle
  •         Nova and Sable
  •         Odie (after Garfield’s dog Odie)
  •         Ollie
  •         Onyx
  •         Oreo
  •         Oscar
  •         Ozlo
  •         Pearl (A black pearl is the most rare and beautiful. Also for Pirates of the Caribbean.)
  •         Pharaoh (after Tutenkamun)
  •         Phoenix
  •         Phoebe
  •         Piper
  •         Polo
  •         Purdue Pete- after the Purdue University school colors of gold and black
  •         Raineer (rain-ear). He is named after the beer.rainer.
  •         Ranger (was named after The POWER RANGERS toys)
  •         Remington
  •         Remmy
  •         Remy
  •         Ridley – for Chuck Yeager’s assistant in “The Right Stuff”
  •         River
  •         Rolo
  •         Rosie
  •         Ruby ( for her golden color)
  •         Rudy – Like the Notre Dame movie, Rudy.
  •         Sadie
  •         Sailor
  •         Sampson
  •         Samson
  •         Sandy
  •         Sandy River Nuphar – river running down from Mt. Hood here in Oregon –
  •         Scout
  •         Scout
  •         Siena ( Siena Italy)
  •         Sienna” because she has a rich reddish-brown chocolate coat.
  •         Skeet
  •         Slinky
  •         Smudge –(Smudging’ every surface she could find with tongue and nose prints!)
  •         Snickers & Hershey (user wrote they named their choc labs these names)
  •         Snoopy
  •         Sperry
  •         Starr
  •         Sundae
  •         TAKI MAH
  •         Tax – dumped on April 15, (which is Tax day)
  •         Taz
  •         Teton – Teton Mountains in Wyoming.
  •         Thor
  •         Tidus
  •         Titan
  •         Tank (we love this one!)
  •         Tritan
  •         TRUCK because he is built like a truck and Truck tough
  •         Tubbs – Miami Vice
  •         Tucker
  •         Tuff
  •         Tula ( from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”)
  •         Vinni (Vincent Van Gogh)
  •         Warren
  •         Yukon
  •         Zepi
  •         Zuzu – after the little girl in the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Do you have a cool dog name? Or better yet, a cool Labrador Retriever dog name? Tell us the cool dog name and how you came up with it in the comments below.

Doesn’t matter how or what you would like to name your dog, we have the perfect name for you. Are you looking for a dog name to go with personality traits for sweet dogs, small dogs, smart dogs, not so smart dogs, fast dogs, ornery dogs, or talkative dogs?

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Or have you found a stray dog or rescued a stray and want a name that fits?

Here is even a list of over 1200 common dog names. Or maybe you just want to look for an unusual dog name. How about cool dog names? We have tons of those!

Do you want to know what the most common dog names mean? Learn about the “meaning” behind common Male dog names and Female dog names.

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