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Giant Dog Breeds

Are you looking for a giant breed dog? These dogs start at about 75 pounds. Click on the breed name to read the full breed profile.

Akita. One of the national dogs of Japan, the Akita is a dignified and courageous dog. A natural protector, the Akita is a large dog, weighing 80 to 100 pounds.

Anatolian shepherd. The Anatolian shepherd has an intense devotion and loyalty to his family and flock. Considered one of the best guard dogs around, this dog is slowly gaining popularity in the United States.

Bernese mountain dog. At home on the farms of Switzerland, the Bernese mountain dog helps guide livestock and pull heavy loads. Now considered more of a companion, the Bernese is still a strong and powerful dog.

Bloodhound. An excellent tracking dog, the bloodhound’s nose is treasured by police and search and rescue personnel. The bloodhound does not easily give up and one report has a dog following his human quarry over 100 miles.

Borzoi. This elegant and regal dog is also called the Russian wolfhound. Used to hunt wolves, the borzoi is a sighthound, relying on his vision to find game.

Bullmastiff. With a relatively recent history, the bullmastiff was a revered companion to the British games keeper. The large size and imposing appearance of this dog scared off many a potential poacher. Still considered an excellent guardian, the bullmastiff is a giant dog that can easily weigh over 120 pounds.

Cane Corso The cane corso is an intimidating dog that looks like a mastiff but does not have the typical loose skin of other mastiff breeds. This dog is a powerful and effective guard dog.

Dogue de Bordeaux The Dogue of Bordeaux, also known as the French mastiff, became popular in the United States after the movie “Turner and Hooch” was shown in the mid 1980s. Although still somewhat uncommon outside of France, this breed is strong and imposing but also a loving family member.

Fila Brasileiro The Fila Brasileiro, also known as the Brazilian mastiff, is a massive breed that has a natural protective instinct. Without proper socialization and training some members of the breed may attack first and ask questions later.

Great Dane. The symbol of a giant dog, the Great Dane has many fans throughout the world. Originally developed in Bavaria to hunt boar, the Great Dane of today rarely hunts and is usually found in the company of his family.

Great Pyrenees. A true shepherd dog, the Great Pyrenees has accompanied many sheep herders and was an invaluable asset when the sheep needed protection and direction. A great watchdog, his thick hair coat lead him to prefer the cooler parts of the world.

Greater Swiss mountain dog. As with the Bernese mountain dog, the Greater Swiss mountain dog hails from Switzerland. Originally used as a herding and draft dog, today the breed is more likely found protecting his family or pulling a wagon full of children.

Irish wolfhound. This gentle giant was originally developed to hunt wolves in Ireland. The massive size of this dog leads him to enjoy the wide open spaces of the great outdoors.

Komondor. This mop head looking dog is considered an excellent sheep herding dog. Able to withstand the harsh Hungarian winters, the komondor is a strong dog that prefers the outdoor life.

Kuvasz. Similar to the Great Pyrenees, the Kuvasz is a large white dog used to herd and protect sheep. Originally from Tibet, this breed is considered more closely related to the Komondor than the Pyrenees.

Leonberger Leonbergers are gaining reputation all over the world as a wonderful companion dog. They can be expensive to obtain, and most breeders are careful about who they will sell to, but the right owner will have a most loyal and affectionate companion in a Leonberger.

Mastiff. This giant imposing dog can be rather intimidating. Previously used in dogfights and as a draft dog, the mastiff is a devoted and faithful family pet, willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family safe.

Neapolitan mastiff. Loyal and protective, the Neapolitan is a great guard dog. If properly socialized and trained, this dog can do well as part of the family.

Newfoundland. Originating in Newfoundland, it is easy to understand why this dog loves the water. A large and strong dog, the Newfie has been used to help fishermen, pull heavy carts and rescue people from a potential watery grave. Today the Newfie adores his family and still loves a nice swim in a lake.

Otterhound. As the name implies, this breed was used to hunt otters and has a natural love of water. Though no longer widely used to hunt otters, the otterhound is a wonderful family dog.

**Presa Canario**The Presa Canario, also known as the Canary Dog, is a massive, strong breed that is a natural guard dog and cattle herder. Not for the faint of heart, this dog has the potential to be a fearsome foe.

Rottweiler. Despite his current reputation, the Rottweiler was originally developed as a herding dog. His size and strength quickly led him to a more productive life as a protector and guardian.

Saint Bernard. No other dog has been as strongly linked to a barrel of whiskey as the Saint Bernard. Companions of Monks, the Saint Bernard has saved many people who have been lost or injured in the frigid Swiss Alps.

Scottish deerhound. Also a sighthound, the Scottish deerhound is not a common breed but has many admirers. Hailing from Scotland, this breed is an excellent hunter but prefers human companionship.