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Dogs Good For Men – 13 Manly Masculine Dog Breeds

Is there a such thing as a “manly” dog? Are some dogs more “masculine” than other dogs? The answer is yes. In fact, several lists of manly dog breeds exist. They come out in pop-culture magazines and on several websites.

Just for fun, we wanted to take a crack at what we thought were “masculine dogs”.

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Many of these manly breeds are either big, brawy, intimidating, muscular or suited for athletic outdoor type activities. They include:

1.Boxer. The boxer may look a bit intimidating but he is actually a sweet and friendly dog. This is a great breed for men. They can be fun, athletic and adorable. They can be great for meeting chicks while still looking “masculine”.

2. Rottweiler. This powerful dog can live indoors or outdoors. Originally bred as a herding dog, the Rottweiler is now best known as a formidable guard dog. The Rottweiler is strong and intimidating and definitely a “masculine” dog.

3.German shepherd. Nearly always topping the most popular breed lists, the German shepherd is strong and powerful. They have natural guarding and protecting instincts. They defiantly have a strong and powerful presence.

4.Irish setter. An Irish setter is a beautiful, friendly, energetic dog that can be a real chick magnet. They are fun to take for walks, friendly enough to meet people and big enough to still look “masculine”. The setter will bark to let you know someone is at the house, but don’t expect more than that, in spite of the dog’s size.

5.Mastiff. This giant and imposing dog was used as a hunter and protector. It is definitely a manly dog. Content to patrol his home and guard his family, the mastiff can thrive outdoors but needs companionship.

6.Siberian husky. The husky has historically lived outdoors in the harshest lands. Bred to pull sleds across frozen terrain, this dog is very hardy and quite content to live outside. It gives the appearance of a very outdoors and guys-guy type dog.

7.Miniature pinscher. This breed has the look of a big Doberman pinscher but a fraction of the size. They seem rather “manly” but in a small package. The breed is the older of the two and is something of a cross between the greyhound and a terrier. Always curious, the min pin will alert his owner whenever someone new is nearby.

8.Labrador retriever. The lab is a popular choice for active people. This is another dog that is big and friendly and can be great for meeting people. They love water sports and just spending time with you. The Labrador seems to have boundless energy as well as natural protective instincts.

9.Beagle. The beagle can be an active breed but also is quite fond of power naps. Needing a good place to sleep and plenty of games to play, this breed is associated with hunting and sports and can be perceived as “masculine”.

10.Collie. Forever connected to “Lassie”, the collie is a manly dog but…maybe for a more “sensitive” man. Collies are large dogs, intelligent yet patient, and are loved by just about anyone. They are smart and can be very active.

11.Boston terrier. The Boston is a small black and white terrier that loves to make you laugh. After brief periods of activity, the Boston loves to curl up on the sofa while watch ESPN. Obedient and loyal, the Boston is a good watchdog and a loyal pet. Although not large dogs, they are solid dogs and be quite manly in a fun way.

12.Pug. Not at all pugnacious, the pug is an affectionate, loveable, even-tempered breed with great charm and dignity. They are playful companions and fun to take to the park.

13.Doberman Pinscher. The Doberman pinscher is large, attractive and domineering breed. They have a real manly quality based on their size and presence. They can also be great and sweet pets.

Remember, before you pick one of these dogs to be your companion, investigate the breed’s needs and traits to make sure he fits your life.