multi-cat insurance

Can You Get Multi-Cat Insurance?

Pet insurance can allow you to provide the best medical care possible for your cat in the case of an emergency or any medical problem that can occur. Pet insurance often has a deductible and after that is met, it will cover a percentage of your veterinary bills. The percent that the insurance company covers will depend on the company and the policy you choose. Policies generally cover anywhere from 70% to 100% of the bill after the deductible. Your deductible can be anything from zero to $2000 depending on the company.

Cat owners with multiple kitties commonly ask about multi-pet insurance and how to get coverage if they have more than one cat.

What You Should Know About Multi-Cat Insurance

Below are some important points to know about multi-pet insurance for cats:

In summary, your ability to purchase pet insurance for more than one cat is up to you. The only limitation could be the age of your cat and your ability to afford premiums for multiple cats. Pet insurance can be more affordable than what you think.

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