The Best Dog Breed for Every Zodiac Sign

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Like finding the right partner, finding a dog that matches your personality and lifestyle will contribute to how well you two get along. We paired breeds and zodiac signs with similar characteristics to help you find your astrological soulmate. Keep reading to find the best dog breed for every zodiac sign!

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Best Dog for an Aries: Husky

As an Aries, you’re competitive and confident, so the best dog for you is a Husky. Whether advocating for your beliefs, getting a promotion, or winning a game—you are wired for competition. But people are also drawn to you because of your confidence in constantly putting yourself out there, just like they’re drawn to huskies because of their soft coats, steely blue eyes, and friendliness. With boundless energy, huskies love a physical challenge and make a fantastic sidekick in your next competition.

Best Dog for a Taurus: Golden Retriever

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Working hard and playing harder is a vital trait of a Taurus, making a Golden Retriever the best dog for you! Tauruses are always trusted to complete tasks, often with excellence and precision. But when work is over, you’re the life of the party. Golden Retrievers are intelligent and friendly, which makes them an excellent fit for positions as therapy and guide dogs. Like you, they’re also social animals who love to be around people and usually turn a frown upside down.

Best Dog for a Gemini: Chihuahua

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You’re a maverick, and adventure is your middle name. Due to your shared bold and unpredictable nature, a Chihuahua would be the most suitable dog for your sign of Gemini. You’re an energetic person who loves to try new things and can converse with anyone. But since you’re so easy to talk to, you can sometimes get carried away in gossip, making people hesitate to trust you. Chihuahuas also have two sides to them. They’re loud and sometimes aggressive, especially when you first meet them, but they are affectionate to the humans they trust.

Best Dog for a Cancer: Pug

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Are you a homebody with a heart of gold? Then, the Pug is the quintessential dog for you. You would do anything for the people in your circle, and your happy place is at home with your dog. A perfect companion for you is a dog that loves to cuddle, and pugs enjoy sitting by their humans all day. You both wear your feelings on your face, but you’re usually content on the inside.

Best Dog for a Leo: Poodle

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According to our findings, the most suitable breed for a Leo would be the regal Poodle, as you and the dog enjoy being the center of attention. You thrive under the spotlight, are a natural entertainer, and love to be admired. Often considered elegant show dogs, Poodles love being surrounded by people and can get restless when they don’t have enough attention. Like a Leo, Poodles always look their best because they need frequent grooming to avoid knots.

Best Dog for a Virgo: Border Collie

Based on your shared skillset for productivity and sharp minds, the optimal breed of dog for you would be a Border Collie. You’re always on the go with a to-do list to cross off. You’re also a critical thinker, which can sometimes be perceived as judgmental. Considered one of the most intelligent dogs, Border Collies also love an active lifestyle and thrive with constant tasks to accomplish. They love their humans but can be highly critical of strangers.

Best Dog for a Libra: Greyhound

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Whether it’s the group chats, at work, or at home, Libras are usually characterized as peacemakers. And that means you need to have a Greyhound. You strive for balance in every situation, from finding common ground with people you are unfamiliar with to weighing decisions and making sure everyone feels heard. Greyhounds are gentle and sweet-natured, which makes them highly likable—just like you. They also like to keep the peace and will avoid aggressive dogs.

Best Dog for a Scorpio: Rottweiler

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Passionate and misunderstood are the two words often used to describe Scorpios. The best dog for you is a Rottweiler. You intimidate the people around you because of your fierce independence and bravery, but underneath all that, you’re profoundly emotional and loyal to your people. Rottweilers come across as unfriendly and sometimes aggressive toward strangers, but only because they’re protective of their humans. We’ve all heard the sounds of paws bounding towards fences while Rottweilers ferociously bark. Behind closed doors, they’re affectionate and playful, just like you.

Best Dog for a Sagittarius: Portuguese Water Dog

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Sagittarius jet setters, road trippers, and cruisers, the best dog to match your love of travel is the Portuguese Water Dog. You’re a free spirit who can’t be tied to one place, and when you’re not on an adventure, you’re planning your next one. A Portuguese water dog is the perfect travel buddy to keep up with you because they are an athletic and adventurous breed always up for an activity, especially if it involves water. They adapt to new environments well and can help you make friends wherever you go.

Best Dog for a Capricorn: German Shepherd

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You’re the workhorse. Based on this trait, the best dog for a Capricorn is a German Shepherd. Capricorns are ambitious and can accomplish anything they desire. Meanwhile, German Shepherds were bred to work, which is why they’re often used as police dogs. Whether it’s a job, learning new tricks, or running around the dog park, this breed needs a task to feel content.

Best Dog for an Aquarius: Basenji

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The best dog for you is the Basenji because you’re both unique. You think outside the box, love your freedom, and are naturally artistic. Is there anything more impressive than a dog who doesn’t bark? That’s right, the Basenji doesn’t bark, it yodels. Like you, they’re highly intelligent. They think they can outsmart their parents. Combine that with their love of freedom, and they always find a way to escape. To keep them in line, follow these tips to prevent your pet from escaping.

Best Dog for a Pisces: Beagle

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You have a high emotional IQ and are sensitive to others’ needs, wants, and feelings. So, the best dog for you is a Beagle. You feel your emotions intensely and can quickly tell what others are feeling. You’re most aligned when you can express yourself through an art form like painting, singing, or dancing. Beagles are happy-go-lucky, but they also mirror their owner’s emotions. They have extremely sensitive noses and can get lost in what they do best— following a scent.

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